Above the Chaos, Learning and Education

If we are to co-create a better world, one of the obvious things that needs to occur is the elevation and transformation of our systems of learning and education.

The problems are well known, so we will not enumerate them here, but suffice it to say that although we have improved tremendously over the last 200 years, things can and should be a lot better.

Additionally, access to education and the quality of education provided around the world was extraordinarily uneven over the last decades, creating massive disparities in literacy, numeracy, and the ability to engage meaningfully in a rapidly complexifying economy, society, and government.

Basic Context

Why Learn?

The extraordinary human ability to learn, develop and grow is the heart of our ability to progress towards our Potential.

It is also a principle key that unlocks the potential for us to meaningfully collaborate and participate in society, economy, spirituality, and governance.

Humanity has laid up an immense inheritance of wisdom and knowledge, that can now be made freely available to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Yet the core wisdom and information that can truly elevate and transform our lives and society remains locked and opaque to most people, which makes them extremely vulnerable to manipulation and oppression.

Accessing Our Collective Inheritance

For instance, current recommendations on communication levels in English recommend writing at a 6th to 8th grade level for general audiences in the United States, and around a 4th grade level for general international communications.

This level of communication in the United States still misses approximates 54% of US adults 16 to 74 years old, about 130 million people, who lack proficiency in literacy and read below the 6th grade level according to Gallup.

Guarding Against Propaganda

Among those who have accessed a reasonable quality of education, we are discovering that much of what we were taught was significantly tainted by religious and political perspectives that in hind sight appear to be at best untruthful, and at worst intentionally misleading to control the minds of populations.

Learning, Story, and Perception

What we learned or were told as children shapes the narrative frameworks and story that we exist within.

Psychologists are now discovering that these narrative structures are actually prior to perception. This means that people living in different narrative mental structures will actually perceive the world differently.

The lack of story, context, and culture that has accompanied the dramatic departure from institutionalized religions denominations, along with widespread lack of access to education, and a flood of manipulation, propaganda, and deceit, has resulted in dysfunctional and divided humanity.

This helps shine light on the current dysfunction of society - not only did many of us not have the total set of conditions that empowered us with a meaningful learning journey, but many of us who did were intentionally lied to, or unintentionally misled, with inaccurate beliefs about our national, religious, and global histories. Because these stories are prior to perception, this literally answers the question so many of us ask our Selves, how different groups can be misled into seeing the same facts in such profoundly different ways.

Inbreaking Superpowers and Superweapons

Not least among the problems with a lack of global conscious coherence is the fact that inbreaking superpowers of technology are being weaponized at incredibly rapid and accelerating rates.

These technologies, if harnessed in service of Life, have the capability to entirely elevate and transform our consciousness, our capabilities, and co-create a future that can be better for All than it has been for virtually Any in the past.

However that is not the trajectory we are currently on. While superpowers of technology in the hands of a unified, truthful, and wise society could create something like heaven on earth, superpowers of technology in the hands of a divided and deceived population being pitted against each other by corrupt leaders could create something like hell on earth.

Navigating the Vessel of Society

This single biggest test humanity has ever faced is how we will navigate the Vessel of Society through this crucial moment in history.

The direction that the Vessel of Society heads will be directly controlled by 8 billion human trim tabs on its rudder.

If we are going to alter the trajectory of Society before it is too late to avoid a collision with the rocks of Chaos, a massive, good, and global program is required, and it must entirely rooted in elevating, transforming, and empowering the individual minds and consciousness of every human being on planet earth.

If we are successful in doing that, the good news is that we will created the means for every individual on earth to have the opportunity to embark on a life long journey of learning and total human development. Not just for this generation, but for all generations to come.

The Lionsberg | Meta Academy

We have helped fund the development of a technological platform, already tested in top US Universities, that is capable of providing any individual with an internet connection access to life long program of learning and human development.

While it is ultimately the right thing to do to develop curricula across all topics in each of the languages of the world so that every individual can access information in their own native language, in the short term to avert global catastrophe we can grant access to every being in the world the ability to participate in the decision making and governance of the world by giving them a single key that unlocks both the primary diplomatic language of the world, and a language into which the vast majority of the world's wisdom and knowledge has been translated: English.

Over time the concepts can then be wrestled with and localized by local populations, if they desire to do so, into their own stories, languages, concepts, and traditions.

Having combined multiple lifetimes of work to develop the backbone technology, we are now in the process of beginning the process of searching out to curating together the best pre-school through advanced university curricula and presentations ever given.

Our hypothesis is that the many universities and school systems have already, either by default or through goodwill, forfeited the Intellectual Property protections on their content, such that a focused strategic team can simply begin aggregating the very best of it.

Multiple Curricula, and a Continuously Improving Core

Rather than developing the Platform and Academy to only proliferate on curricula, the platform was designed so that any organization can set up their own curricula with their own name and their own identity.

This allows the entire platform to be entirely in service to All, at a minimum simply increasing the efficiency with which existing programs can be delivered.

However simultaneously, the Platform is set up to learn from All the various curricula on it, so that the very best can be adopted from each instantiation into a continuously improving central prototype...

This ensures that each school and community around the world, if it so chooses, will be able to adopt the very best prototypical curricula, which is continuously elevating and improving itself.

As a visualization, a thousand schools could adopt the platform and load their unique curricula, which would all inform a prototypical "best of the best" in each area, would could then be pushed back out so that each of the 1,000 schools had access to the best that any of the 1,000 schools had to offer.

At scale, this creates the potential for every child in the world with an internet connection to have access to the best educational system that any child in the past has likely been exposed to.

Project Based Learning

Among the many transformations that must occur in the way we help one another learn is shift from education as "filling up an empty vessel with facts", to helping each unique person learn and grow into the fullness of their potential, at their own unique rates, using real-life project based learning.

This has been described by many as one of the most difficult technological challenges in learning, and this capability has been built into the platform.

The Lionsberg | Meta Platform

The crucial breakthrough of the Platform however is not in education. While we expect it to entirely revolutionize education, that is not most exciting part.

The most exciting part of the Platform is the view of each individual not as a member of a single organization or named thing... but as a unique individual entering a Community purpose-built for life-long relationship with them, to help them develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish.

By viewing each individual as a unique and important being that we want to help, over the course of their lives, develop into the fullness of their potential across many different organizations, services, projects, and opportunities they will pursue, we have the potential to begin a life long partnership with each of the billions of people of earth.

The Lionsberg Listening Engine

As each subsequent person connects to the platform and global Community, we are designing powerful ways to begin listening deeply to the needs that they express as they encounter various challenges and obstacles on their Quest towards their potential.

Categorization, Ontologies, and Prioritization

As the Lionsberg | Meta Platform connects to individuals with basic life-serving services and information, and listens, we are developing technology to classify, make sense of and present back out to the Community what we are hearing.

The Community can then use collective intelligence to "vote" / "discern" on the most pressing needs that require time, resources, and attention.


As we reach out and listen to needs, we will simultaneously be reaching out and listening to offers.

The Combination of needs and offers can be housed within the Marketplaces that have been built into the Platform to help Service Providers and those in Need rapidly identify and connect with one another.

Because each entity already has Identity on the platform, it will become extremely efficient for the Platform to help delivery services.

Revolutionizing Aid

In discussions with executives involved in large scale Aid, Relief, and Human Development programs, such as US AID's $16Billion+ per year international efforts, the ability to understand who individuals are, what they need across time, and what assistance they are receiving and accessing from various NGOs and Aid organizations around the world is likely to revolutionize an aid industry that we believe currently is running at 70% plus waste.

What Kinds of Services Could Be Delivered Through The Pipeline?

Once the pipelines and marketplaces are established linking a wide array of service providers with a wide array of individuals and organizations, an entire economy will naturally emerge.

Not the least would be telemedicine / wellness, learning, development finance, community currencies, citizen science, community development programs, governance, tokens, and an entirely new form of economy and democracy.

A Lifelong Program of Learning and Human Development

The basic impetus is the desire to ensure that every human being on earth has the opportunity to develop into the fullness of their unique potential and flourish in harmony, starting with the most disadvantaged and dispossessed.

This takes more than just a Platform. It takes a Community of genuine Love.

A heart of Love understands that it is hard to lean if you are hungry. It is hard to learn if you are sick. It is hard to learn if you are displaced from your home by violence or disaster.

By connecting everyone up with a Meta Platform, each individual would be able to progress on their unique learning and development from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, in a way that would not only allow them to continue learning, but connect them up with the resources and support they need to solve whatever challenges or obstacles they are facing at the time.

Pre-K, to Elementary, to University, to Learning to Read as an Adult

The basic design of the System, by addressing the problems and needs inherent in Life as a Whole, ensures that any person can connect up to the platform and be met exactly where they are at, physically in the world, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Driving Quality Up, and Marginal Cost Towards Zero

Using the proven methodologies and measurement associated with lean and integrated delivery, the "unit cost" of delivering each solution to each individual can be progressively driven down towards zero, and the Quality progressively driven up towards infinity.

Eventually, a System dedicated to producing throughput of the GOAL of flourishing and abundant life will be able to provide the infrastructure and resources needed to each individual, at a unit cost that approaches zero over time.

Legal Stewardship

As you can imagine, such a platform and program will become exceptionally valuable and need to be carefully stewarded and structured.

We spent several years advancing a next-generation Provisional Structure for stewarding the value this Program and Platform creates for the good of all generations of life.

Built for multi-generational stewardship and governance, the system is currently taking in and allocating resources through the Lionsberg United States 501(c)(3) public charity to ensure transparency and accountability.

Miraculously, this starting point has been created with no private investors or government funds, ensuring that the Community that emerges around it will be able to govern itself freely and pass the baton for generations to come.

Request For Resources

As a builder and strategist, I have spent the last 5 years or so developing what I believe to be the single highest impact / highest leverage investment and program of action available to humanity right now. I do not say that lightly.

In a sea of Chaos, we cannot know for certain but this might work.

And if it does, it has the potential to:

  1. Solve the total set of grand challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of global goals
  3. Forge the best possible future for All, by empowering us All to Co-Create it together.

If you have $5, or $50 Million, or time and attention to spare, we would love to hear from you and understand how we might be able to partner to advance this existing technology, starting point, and Community through its logical phases of development for the Good of All.

Based on what I know about the potential of this program, I would hope the world would let us know that there is endless resources available if we can make this work, and test us with $2M to $3M to get through the next milestones and the Beta launch of the platform.

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