Above The Chaos, Provisional Platform For Action

The near term objective is to forge, out of the many enlightened individuals around the world, a Higher Order Functional Unity that is actually capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems inherent in this moment in the Story.

It is self-evident to those paying attention that:

  1. We are entering a Meta Crisis. Billions are suffering unnecessarily.
  2. The Old systems and structures are corrupted and failing.
  3. It is up to Us to confront and overcome the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, and forge a more perfect New world that works for us All.

In order for Us to succeed and avoid failure in this Mission:

  1. We must coalesce free enlightened individuals and groups into some kind of functioning Group Of Groups / Higher Order Functional Unity. None of us can succeed in isolation.
  2. We must help progressively enlighten, connect, and empower more individuals and groups to grow the The Movement.
  3. We must ensure the tipping point strategy of awakening / enlightening / connecting / empowering unfurls itself along the right Time interval (universal invitation within in 7 years).

To prepare for this, We have:

  1. Built a minimum viable shared Structure - Provisional Structure
  2. Built a minimum viable shared Backbone - Provisional Backbone
  3. Started a minimum viable shared Mind - Provisional Mind
  4. Articulated minimum viable shared Goals and Values - Universal Goals and Values
  5. Articulated the basic patterns of Organizing and Federating - Organizations The Lionsberg Way
  6. Built a minimum viable shared Brand - Lionsberg
  7. Established a way to organize and federate a Group Of Groups that is self-sustaining, self-replicating, sovereign, autonomous, and independent of the Old systems and structures.
  8. Done many other things in preparation we hope will prove useful over time

Starting The Journey / Quest:

To leave the dock and start the journey, a Tribe Of Individuals needs to Make A Commitment and embark.

The community, infrastructure, and growth required can only be forged by doing hard things together.

The basic Code is:

  1. Reciprocity: We will All do our best to contribute more than we take
  2. Love: We will All do our best help and not harm All others
  3. The Goal: We will All do our best to help All advance towards The Goal

The Projects:

  1. Air, Water, and Soil Health
  2. Lionsberg Water Network
  3. Lionsberg Energy Network
  4. Lionsberg Food Network
  5. Lionsberg Shelter Network
  6. Lionsberg Wellness Network
  7. Lionsberg Technology Network
  8. Lionsberg Economic Network
  9. Lionsberg Learning Network
  10. Lionsberg Waste Network
  11. Lionsberg Infrastructure Network
  12. Lionsberg Goods Network
  13. Lionsberg Security Network
  14. Lionsberg Wisdom and Knowledge Network
  15. Lionsberg Personal Transformation
  16. Lionsberg Group Transformation
  17. Lionsberg Community Transformation
  18. Lionsberg Political Transformation
  19. Lionsberg Movement Building

As these projects Progress, they are progressively realizing what humanity has articulated as its Universal Goals and Values.

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