Above The Chaos, Cycle 2 Update

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.06 (updated 2022.07.06)

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Hello everyone,

As we exit Cycle 2 and enter Cycle 3, if you'd like to know a bit about what has been on my mind, I have been doing a lot of writing in a lot of places, and I am working to get some of the concepts out of my mind and linked together.

I am taking the risk of totally overwhelming everyone in order to pull what I can out of my mind and get it into some kind of visible form. It will all be confusing to most, but over time we can work together to shape and form it into more beautiful and comprehensible works of art. It certainly isn't doing any good merely sitting in my mind.

For some thoughts on where we are, where we are going, and why, see the reflections in the 2022.07.05 Request For Guidance. This is a richly linked document that links many concepts and reflections out in many directions.

For some thoughts on how we can integrate and align our activities across time into a coherent Whole, there is a book in progress called the Lionsberg Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide.

For some thoughts on Structure, see Provisional Structure, which includes a video of Bill Larson and I discussing some of what was designed and built as a starting point and why.

For a super high level simple statement, see the Provisional Declaration (Draft for Review).

For a detailed statement at a higher level of analysis, see the Meta Project Program Statement (Draft For Review).

For some thoughts on how we can begin to transform each day into a day well lived, see a short manuscript we put together called The Power of Today (Work in progress). If you don't already have a well thought out Daily Practice, this is a good starting point.

For the opening parts of forging a Story that encompass and explain everything in a different way, we are publishing live as a work in progress The Book of Lionsberg. We might change the name later, but its a start.

Critical to creating a System is defining its Goal, and thereby what constitutes Value within that framework. The Value link contains some opening thoughts redefining and transacting on genuine value.

The discussion of Value leads into how to resource value creation.

To accomplish this, we will soon need to begin co-creating a Meta Fund to resource the Critical Path of the Meta Project. This will empower us All to advance towards the Meta Goal. We have begun writing a Resourcing Guide to begin laying out thoughts, architecture, and mechanisms of such a Fund of Funds, along with how to co-create the first prototype funds within the conceptual Fund of Funds.

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