Above The Chaos, Another Quick Orientation

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.08.09 (updated 2022.10.09)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello World,

There are a few people that I need to introduce this week to What we have co-created to date and Why...

Here is a basic outline:

I believe that everything Good that is emerging is emerging in response to a universal and eternal spirit / impuse that is inviting and calling us up into our best and highest places in this unique moment in history.

Everything that I / We are doing is in response to this basic universal impulse / imperative.

My loyalty is to Life, its Source, and the Spirit guiding the emergence at this moment in history, and not to any particular brand or concretization of that universal impulse.

100% of my focus is in service to what is trying to emerge, and on convening the universal ‘joint venture’ and resources required to:

  1. Solve the total set of Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of Global Goals
  3. Forge the Best Possible Future for All

The next steps (regardless of who takes them) are (something like):

  1. Set up ambassadors around each (SDG / Domain of Action).
  2. Set up leaders and working groups around each (SDG / Domain of Action)
  3. Set up funds around each (SDG / Domain of Action)
  4. Set up x-prize-like contests around each (SDG / Domain of Action)
  5. Set up marketplaces to efficiently match (all forms of capital) with the best leaders / opportunities / solutions.
  6. Set up a mission control / program management function to coordinate, communicate, and integrate across networks / themes / goals.

For these to work, my hypothesis is that this all needs to be done in the context of a uniting Integrated Delivery System that includes a Prototype that contains within itself and orders all elements of the System, and which can be localized and instantiated in any domain, learning each time it is deployed. This is why we are co-creating the Lionsberg System.

Between our lifetimes of work and networks, we can accomplish all of the above.

Anticipating this moment, several years ago I began convening the wisest minds I could identify around how we could conceptualize and execute on a Meta Project for Worksite: Earth.

It became clear we would need a governance and legal system that no one owned, which existed as a multi-generational Stewardship Vessel for the Value that would be Co-Created...

...so we instantiated a Provisional Structure.

It became clear we would need an Integrated Delivery System...

...so we adapted an Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide.

It became clear we would need some backbone Technology Infrastructure...

...so we combined lifetimes of work and resources to co-create a provisional tech stack.

It became that we would need a complete philosophy, language, system, community, and culture...

...so we combined lifetimes of work and resources to co-create the Lionsberg Community and the Lionsberg System.

Lionsberg has been convening around the idea of a “Meta Project” (the universal ethical imperative at this moment of history that is bigger than any one organization / institution). Including the themes above.

Yet we understand that the Meta Project is universal and encompasses al such efforts everywhere. Our desire is not to 'own' or 'control' it, but to do our best to serve, connect up, and empower All who are participating in it.

As we begin to set up the funds, infrastructure, organizations, and contests that will ultimately allocate billions of dollars...

My recommendation is that we allocate 10% of the total resources in play to handling leadership, community building, capacity building, culture, administration, program management, shared infrastructure, marketplaces, training, development, etc. Over time we might choose to reduce this, however tremendous benefit comes from equipping and empowering the distributed network in the highest and most powerful ways we can.

Initial Runway

In parallel with covening the large scale solutions and capital, we are working to establish initial runway for the core team and infrastructure. My recommendation is that we raise $2M to $3M in philanthropic capital to establish the initial runway for Jordan and a small Core Team to focus on this over the coming 12 months. After that, I would expect long-term sustainability for the core team, infrastructure, and marketplaces based on a % of the value being co-created / flowing through the system towards the Global Goals.

Transparency and Public Accountability

By initiating this phase through a 501(c)(3) public charity, with an array of fiscally sponsored projects, this approach brings the joint activities above under immediate transparency and public accountability requirements, while affording the opportunity to construct the shared services and infrastructure required to empower a growing movement.

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