Above The Chaos, An Invitation And Request

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.11.04 (updated 2022.11.04)

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Hello Friends and Allies, Force For Good,


I am extending you an invitation, and requesting your help and forgiveness.

One To One

I usually write from the voice of we, who are many, who are working together in a Spirit of Truth and Love to meet this moment in the Story. Everything we are presenting is being co-created in community, any credit belongs to One and All, and any blame or inadequacies belongs to me.

Today, I write from my personal voice as an individual, to you, an individual. We are the basic unit of society that must decide whether we are going to work together towards The Goal, or not. The choice is that simple. There are no excuses, no authorities to get approval from, no scapegoats. The people on this list are already an army, if we choose to be. I need to know who is in and wants to be in reciprocal relationship with other groups advancing towards The Goal, who is out, who is going to pray and fight with me from within, and who is going to fight against me from without.

Bottom Line Up Front

We have reached the massive milestone, after 5+ years of infrastructure and technology development that brought together lifetimes of work and dozens of people, to launch The Great Game.

This week, the clock began ticking on a 7 year opening plan of action to connect up and empower the universal Force For Good to meet the needs, solve the problems, capture the opportunities, and avoid the potential catastrophes that are at hand in this moment in The Story.

I am going on an opening pilgrimage the next couple weeks to visit sacred sites and spend a few days with allies at the United Nations COP even in Egypt.

When I return, I am going to close the borders of Lionsberg and begin working from within with whatever Groups want to play The Great Game of Lionsberg.

The Goal of the Game is to help all Life rise towards the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony, initially by connecting and empowering 1 billion small groups within 7 years.

I am inviting you to forge or join a Team, and Play The Game. From what I can see, it is the last best hope we have at hand.

I am also requesting your forgiveness for the inadequacies present in who I used to that caused you hurt or harm in any way. I know that getting to this point hurt and confused some people. I love you, and I will do my best to love, serve, and maintain Right Relationship better in the future.


ACTION: If you receive this, it is because I love you, respect you, desire to work together to meet this moment in history, and see the unique and important role you could play. Please let me know if you are in or out.

If you are out, please let me know so I don't annoy you with ongoing communications.

If you are In, please let me know whether 1) you already have a group you are spending 10% of your time and resources transforming the world with that you would like to connect to The Game, or 2) You would like help forging or joining one.

A Non-Zero Probability of the Systems Collapse of the Old World

Over the last centuries, humanity has made great and catastrophic progress. We are living in a world of relative abundance and superpowers for some unlike anything imagined by previous generations. Abject poverty has plummeted as technology has skyrocketed.

Yet our sense of Integrity, Solidarity, Vision, and Values as a society has also plummeted, along with the the health and wellbeing of our selves, our society, and our environment.

Without any overarching and uniting Vision, Values, Intention, and Goals, we are experiencing ourselves turning ever more powerful super-weapons against one another, physically, psychologically, socially, and technologically.

With outlets like the Wall Street Journal running headlines like "The Messy Unwinding of the New World Order", wars in Europe and skirmishes around the world, rampant corruption throughout society, division and deceit plaguing us, and leaders and thinkers increasingly sounding alarm bells of broken supply chains, desperation, and difficult times ahead, it is time we face straight on into the fact that we are facing a non-zero probability of cascading systems collapse of the Old World we thought we were living in.

As such, there is a self-evident ethical imperative for us ALL to do what we can TOGETHER to confront and overcome the existential threats and hand, and forge the best possible future for all current and future generations.

Heroic Groups Around The World

In response to this need, heroic groups have been springing up around the world to tackle problems and try to create change. Yet we are discovering that face to face with an unprecedented Meta Crisis, we ALL lack the total skills, resources, access, networks and empowerment required to truly transform the root causes of dysfunction, suffering, and injustice.

A Simple Yet Sophisticated Plan Of Action

The only solution we have been able to identify is to begin to Inspire individuals to Forge Or Join A Group, inspire groups to join a Group of Groups, and connect the Group of Groups up to a shared Platform that elevates and empowers All to help one another rise towards their Potential and flourish, by helping all others do the same.

This will require a tipping point strategy rooted in transformation of the fundamental beliefs, stories, and consciousness that are driving our present dysfunction and decay.

This is entirely possible.

An Invitation To A Game Big Enough That It Might Work

We have spent many years at great cost great preparing a Myth and a Great Game big enough that it might work. We have created the Great Banquet. We have filled up the table with as many good things as we can. Everything is ready now, and the time has come.

I am inviting you to a party big enough for us All.

The Myth of Lionsberg

The Myth of Lionsberg is an epic Story set in a time of chaos and decay.

In the Story, cities, institutions, and nations of the Old World are crumbling and at war. The wealthiest live in luxury behind their walls, while the poor suffer and die in the streets. Violence, theft, and hatred break out openly. The world has so corrupted itself that all rainwater on earth is toxic to drink. The Four Horsemen are on the move, with plagues, famine, wars and death around the world. Hundreds of millions are displaced. Supply chains are shaking. Social tensions are increasing. A parade of corrupt leaders spews lies, propaganda, and fabricated money to calm and control the people.

As the world watches, a universal Force For Good emerges from behind veil. It rises up and hovers over the dark and roiling waters of chaos. As the Spirit speaks the Truthful Words and Logos that brings forth That Which Is Good, an entirely New World begins to come into Order.

Over the next 7 years, as the Old World grapples with the inevitable consequences of its corrupted logic and passes away, a quantum tectonic shift transforms the world... the Himalayas rise, Atlantis crumbles and falls, storms roar, and when the dust settles, behold, all things are New. The New is Good, and superior in every way to the Old that we left behind. A New Era is at hand, and the Future rises up like a New Dawn.

Co-Creating The New World

As a builder, I have come to the inescapable solution that if I never build another dam, roadway, or building, they will all get built. Yet if we fail to arise and unite to intentionally co-create a New Era in the Story of the human species aboard planet earth, there is a non-zero probability of systems collapse, totalitarian rule, and generations of suffering. Should that hell on earth occur, I could not look myself in the mirror, or my loved ones in the eyes, unless I knew that I had left absolutely my entire being in the arena and died trying.

I have also come to the inescapable conclusion that it is our universal duty, at this critical juncture in human history, to forge an ark to carry us and our loved ones through the seas of chaos, from which we can partner with One and All to co-create the best possible future for All.

Millions around the world are already moving in response to that same Spirit and impulse. Whether the coming centuries are hell on earth or heaven on earth is entirely in our hands. All of us.

Crossing The Threshold and Closing The Boundary

I am making a pilgrimage to see the sacred sites, and be present for a few days at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

When I return, I will "close the boundary" and commence The Great Game of Lionsberg. Forging a Boundary will clearly define what and who is "in" and what and who is "out", and allow us to forge a closed loop System of energy and resources. I can personally participate in and serve up to 12 small groups to begin.

From that Starting Point, the near term Aim / Milestone is to connect and empower 1 billion small groups within 7 years. Small Groups will work together to communicate, solve problems, and help one another in the Wise Right Way as we navigate the transformation FROM the Old World TO the New World. Our current System Wide Master Plan shows that this is possible by Q1 2029, with 8 months remaining before the deadline of Christmas Day, 2029.

From November 16th through Christmas, I will endeavor to serve and onboard the initial 3 to 20 groups. After Christmas, the exponential expansion begins if One and All will it to be so.

Rules and Structure of The Game

The basic concept of The Game is rooted around a tipping point strategy to progressively invite humanity out of the Old and into the New. We do not know exactly how the New will manifest, but we know that its Spirit is Truth and Love, and we know that small groups of 3 to 20 are the basic units of society that accomplish whatever is required. Therefore the logic of the game is to invite small groups of 3 to 20 to begin helping one another learn how to coordinate, move, meet needs, solve problems, and collectively attempt to embody and enact a New Way of Being together as a human species on planet earth.

The basic rules of The Game are:

  1. Individuals organize into small groups of 3 to 20. Each small group is sovereign, autonomous, self-governing, and responsible and accountable for its own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them.
  2. Small groups are connected up to a Platform that equips and empowers them with a continuously improving set of training, solutions, and capabilities.
  3. Small groups use 90% of their available Flow of energy and resources to meet needs, solve problems, and accomplish goals in their local context. Small groups contribute 10% of their available Flow of energy and resources to The Game to continuously improve the System, Platform, Infrastructure and Community that elevates and empowers All. This creates exponential network effects and incentives for All.
  4. Lionsberg will operate a two-way Communication and Guidance System that reflects 1) the current embodied State of Being of the total Group of Groups (Internal Context) 2) a shared picture of the opportunities, threats, and objectives at hand (External Context).
  5. Based on Internal Context, External Context, and our overarching and uniting Meta Goal and Values, the self-governing groups will begin navigating together in a Spirit of Truth and Love towards their Aim, with all individual and local Aims aligned to the universal Meta Aim.

The Values of The Game are Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom.

The Spirit of The Game is Absolute and Unconditional Love for One and All.

The Law of The Game is to Love, Help, and Not Harm.

The Vision of The Game is a renewed and regenerating world in which a billion self-governing small groups are helping one another develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.

The Logic of The Game is individual and local progress, empowerment, and self-governance towards Universal Goals and Values

The Goal of The Game is the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of Life and Consciousness.

Stewardship And Protection Of Value and Values

We have established a sophisticated Provisional Structure to steward the Value that will be created as The Game succeeds, and uphold our Universal Values. The initial protective structure within which the play can manifest is rooted in a transparent and accountable 501(c)(3) Public Charity, which also stewards rights to the data and technology.

No one owns The Game. It is transparently stewarded for the Good of all past, present, and future generations of life. If it works, it will be the collective inheritance of humanity.

What And Who Can Enter The Boundary

If it belongs in the New World, it belongs in Lionsberg and can enter the boundary.

If it does not belong in the New World, it does not belong in Lionsberg and cannot enter the boundary.

All individuals who ascribe to the Meta Goal and the Universal Values are welcome, subject to the agreement and voluntary consent of those already playing The Game.

All irreconcilable political, ideological, denominational and other differences and factions must be left behind in the Old World, so we can advance together in a spirit of Love towards higher order functional unity.

All Wisdom and Knowledge must imported into Lionsberg as part of the Lionsberg | Meta Science. This requires that propositions are stated humbly in terms of our Current Best Understanding, which can be tested and conformed more closely to Ultimate Reality over Time.

Dinner Party Rules

If you are not a good guest, are greedy, are divisive, or don't choose to play by the Rules, you'll be thrown out beyond the boundary. We will still Love you, but we won't let you disrupt the integrity and coherence of the Party. You may be forgiven and allowed to reenter and try again if you sincerely desire to do so.

A Request For Forgiveness and a Clean Slate

As we close the previous season, and open the next season, I sincerely ask your forgiveness for any way I may have harmed you or failed to love you or help you as much as I should.

The collision of our naiveté with corrupt actors in church and government resulted in the a total collapse of our Old Life and a descent into the underworld. This resulted in the loss of our home, our business, our net worth, relationships, and more. In this process, many other families and small businesses were impacted by the collapse.

We are for all intents and purposes bankrupt, with very little we can do to go back or pick up any loose ends from the past.

We also fell behind on communications as we finished preparations for this moment.

To any and I hurt in any way or failed to respond to, I apologize and ask your forgiveness.

When I arrive back from this journey, I would request, from anyone who wants to remain in relationship, a clean slate, and I offer you one in return.

I love you and I forgive you. We can help one another do better this time around.

A Request For Resources and Assistance

This Starting Point of infrastructure, technology, networks, logic, and planning is the only one I am currently aware of that, if energized and driven to its logical end, might actually work to meet the total set of needs, solve the total set of problems, and capture the total set of opportunities inherent in this critical moment in the Story.

My Current Best Understanding is that we should deploy $10M to $20M of the world's resources as bridge financing to secure two years of rapid runway and scaling, after which The Game should be eternally self-sustaining.

If you are interested in some of the value created to date, see 2022.Q2 Presentation of Value Creation and 2022.Q3 Presentation of Value Creation, which outline only some of what has been done in preparation.

Next Steps

  1. Let Jordan know :
    1. Are you in or out
    2. If you are in, whether you already have a small group of at least 3, or would like help forging or joining one.
  2. November 16th - The Great Game of Lionsberg begins.
  3. November 16th through December 24th - training and onboarding of initial 3 to 12 groups, and creation of onboarding pipeline and process for additional groups.
  4. January 1 - Begin the process of helping individuals forge or join groups, towards the Aim of helping 1 billion small groups from all tribes, nations, and peoples join the New Platform within 7 years by Christmas 2029.
  5. Understand we do not know, this is totally an emergent process, chaos, obstacles and adventure lies ahead, and all we can do is commit to learn, grow, move in the Spirit, and get a little better every day as we work together to design and build the best possible future for All.

Additional Reading and Resources

  1. For more on what I am doing and Why, see Jordan Nicholas Sukut
  2. For more on the Myth of Lionsberg, see The Book of Lionsberg - work in progress
  3. For friends and family suffering from Fear / Anxiety / Depression, see A Way Beyond Fear, Anxiety, And Depression - work in progress
  4. For more on the Lionsberg System, see Lionsberg System

which includes dedicating a tenth of our available flow of time and resources to helping one another meet needs, solve problems, and continuously improve a platform of shared infrastructure capable of connecting up and empowering 1 billion small groups around the world within 7 years.

I am inviting you for forge or join one or more sovereign, autonomous, and self-governing groups, who will begin attempting to see if we can spark and inspire a movement big enough to accomplish The Goal.

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