Above the Chaos, Stewarding And Allocating Capital

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.30 (updated 2022.07.30)

A post in Above The Chaos.

This post is written to lay down some opening thoughts on stewarding and allocating Capital, specifically as it relates to the Meta Crisis and the Meta Project.

In the same way that the total set of all human activity that is succeding or failing in its Quest towards the Meta Goal can be considered as one overarching and uniting Meta Project...

...so can can to total set of all potential resources and capital available to humanity be considered one Meta Fund.


Humanity has made tremendous progress over the past few centuries.

From science and technology to infrastructure, new advancements have allowed us to double the average human lifespan, establish global systems and infrastructure, and connect with one another in ways we never thought possible.

Liberating and empowering individuals and organizations through free markets and innovative capital systems played a major role in creating the set of conditions in which this could occur.


Yet many of the hastily erected structures of Economy, Government, and Society are pushing humanity and the Living System to the brink.

The very systems we stood up to solve our most pressing threats in previous centuries are now creating an entirely new class of existential threats. These complex, interrelated crises threaten to grow exponentially as we accelerate technology, a science, and industry along these same paths.

Increasingly, we are coming to understand that what appear to be discrete crises are really all symptoms of a far deeper Meta Crisis.

Fragmentation, Mismanagement, and Existential Threat

Attention and Resources are presently extraordinarily fragmented, mismanaged, and operating in a way that is antithetical to The Goal.

In a moment when a Meta Crisis is stalking Life on Earth, this has to rapidly change so that fullness of our available resources and attention can be harnessed and focused on vanquishing the threat, and forging the new order.


If instead of looking at the total set of all human beings, we look at a single human being, we can gain an intuition for this happens.

We never know what kinds of resources, attention, and strength are available to us until something calls them forth and demands that they be organized and focused.

This can occur for instance if we are walking through a dark Unknown place, and we hear an unusual and ominous sound.

The Anomaly triggers an Orienting Response, our Attention narrows, and we Focus. In this state of Fight or Flight, everything within us is primed and ready to respond to the Existential Threat.

Humanity and Life on Earth, in aggregate, are in just awakening to the Reality that we are in such a moment in history. We have begun to hear the creaks, groans, and rumblings of a quantum tectonic shift... yet we do not yet know what it means.

There is a non-zero probability that an Existential Threat is at hand and may burst in upon us.

If we were wise, we would be marshaling the fullness of our attention and resources, focusing, and developing a plan.

Signs of Existential Threat

Wars. Injustice. Polarization. Propaganda. Division. Collapsing populations of vulnerable animals. Collapsing populations of insects. Collapsing quality of soil. Shaking supply chains. Willful blindness and corruption of those in power. Plummeting trust in existing systems and institutions. Loss of the stories, customs, and traditions that hold societies together.

Waste Vs. Value

The good news and bad news is that the Human System is currently fragmented, mismanaged, corrupted, and likely running at somewhere between 70% and 90% Waste.

This means that 70% to 90% of all human activity on earth is not producing Value for Humanity or the Living System.

While that prospect represents a certain path to Failure if it is not changed, the good news is that it also means that there is nearly limitless opportunity to improve, and a vast array of existing resources that could be redirected from producing Waste to producing Value.

Systems Thinking

The only way this can be grappled with, conceptualized, or logically solved is at the Meta level, which contains and orders every other level of analysis within Itself.

The entire Human System and Living System must be evaluated as if they were One Thing.

From this Meta Lens, and seeing the total set of All things as a Meta System, an entirely New yet eternal Way of thinking emerges.

The Meta System and the Meta Goal

The view of All things as a Meta System demands that we assign an Intention or Goal to this highest overarching and uniting System of Systems.

This could be called the Meta Goal.

The Meta Goal cannot be concretized, but could be described with word tools such as:

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.

In essence, All that is must be stacked up and aligned to produce flourishing and abundant Life.

All other systems are a part of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Systems contained by definition within the Meta System.

The Human System

Nested within this Meta System is the Living System, or what some might point to with words such as "Nature".

And nested within that Living System is the Human System.

The Human System orders wtihin itself the total set of all human energy, thought, words, and activity.

The highest overarching and uniting Goal of the Human System must be one with the Meta Goal.

The entire Human System must be organized and aligned to play its unique and important role in producing Throughput of the Meta Goal for All.

In other words, the total set of all human energy, thought, words, and activity must be organized and aligned to help the Living System produce flourishing and abundant Life.

In order to do this, it must be seen as one coherent Whole, within the greater universal Whole.

We cannot possibly structure and integrate our individual Selves and personalities if we do not see each element of our Selves as a part of a higher order Whole that must function properly in Reality.

Likewise, we cannot possibly structure and integrate our collective Selves and personalities if we do not see each element of our Selves collectively as a part of a higher order Whole that must function properly in Reality.

Paying For and Resourcing Waste is Stupid and Dischordant

If the Worthy Goal of our System is to produce flourishing and abundant Life and Consciousness for All...

...all of our efforts, attention, and resources must be Tuned and Harmonized to this deepest uniting Fundamental Tone.

Spending energy to create Waste is foolish and dischordant.

If we are attempting to perform a Symphony, and 70% of the notes being played are not on the sheet of music, it is not just that they do not "add Value".

They actually destory and inhibit the Value from being created. They get in the way and prohibit the Symphony from being heard.

They get in the way and prohibit Throughput of The Goal.

Stewardship of Capital, Resources, and Attention

Every Participant in the Human System has been entrusted as a Steward over some level of capital, resources, and attention, however small.

Stewardship implies careful and responsible management of something that has been entrusted to us, that does not belong to us.

From the Meta Lens, the idea that any of us "owns" anything is ludicrous. We come into physical incaration for a tiny period of time, energy temporarily associates into the form we perceive as "us", and then like a passing vapor dissociates back out into the Living System.

During this infinitely short time in the span of eternity, we are "Thrown" into various circumstances, we think, we speak, we act, and as a consequence energy and resources associate and dissociate from us.

The energy, resources, and attention we posses at any given time are in a state of transformation, and soon, during life or at death, will dissociate from us and be entrusted to one who will come after us.

From every possible level of analysis, the proper view of any resources, authority, or attention that we are entrusted with is that they belong to One and All, and that we are merely temporary caretakers or stewards for a short period of time.

What One And All Would Want Done

If we are stewards of energy, resources, and attention that ultimately belong not to us, but to One and All, what would One and All want done with them?

It seems intuitively obvious that the Meta Goal of One and All is exactly the same; it is simply what the heart of Love would desire for Any one that it Loved - for All things to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.

Our Ethical and Fiduciary Imperative As Stewards of Resources and Authority

Therefore, our ethical and fiduciary imperative as temporary Stewards of Energy, Resources and Authority ultimately belonging to One and All is to deply them in the Wise Right Way to produce Throughput of the highest overarching and uniting intention and goal.

If it is helpful to you, we have spent lifetimes synergizing together our Current Best Understanding of the eternal and universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and living systems to flourish, and translating those into a pragmatic Way that anyone, anywhere can implement.

Incarnating a Prototype of the Eternal and Universal

The Meta Level understanding and Reality is eternal, universal, and transcendent of all names and forms.

Yet this highest and deepest level of abstraction can be very difficult to grapple with.

Therefore we have taken the great risk of attempting to Incarnate an Instantiation of Its Spirit or Essence that One and All can judge in terms of its faithfulness.

To the extent that is a faithful prototype as it strives to continuously improve itself to become the Most Faithful Prototype, it can be emulated and implemented broadly.

It is just a seed... it is just a green shoot... but although small, if we cultivate it, it has the DNA to become a mighty forest, in which All Generations of Life can find refuge and abundance.


To begin to incarnate the Spirit of this Way into words, systems, and structures that we could actually implement and enact together, we forged a mythical New World and System named Lionsberg.

Lionsberg is first Word Tool that points at the Meta Idea.

Lionsberg is second a voluntary association of Sovereign and Autonomous Individuals trying to Realize the Meta Idea.

Lionsberg is third an attempt to act out the idea of the Meta Community, engaged in the Meta Project, to accomplish the Meta Goal.

Lionsberg is fourth a pragmatic means to implement and Steward Systems, Structure, and Infrastructure to cultivate and protect That Which Is Trying to Emerge.

From those starting points, we began to actually design and build physical community, systems and infrastructure that we hope will help advance and empower you.

Deploying Energy to Accomplish the Goal

Lionsberg can be thought of as a System that helps Sovereign Individuals, Organizations, and Communities deploy Energy in a Way that produces Throughput of The Goal.

This is especially critical to you, the stewards of significant capital belonging to One and All.

If it is useful, the following five steps can be taken to Incarnate the System into your Sovereign and Autonomous Stewardship Fund.

Step 1: Exchange Diplomatic Recognition By Acknowledging That The Capital You Steward is Part of the Meta Fund

This step begins to relationally connect up the network of all stewards of resources.

Step 2: Establish Transparency Through Listing in the Meta Fund Directory

By listing in the directory, you transparently signal to all other members of the Meta Community the resources you have to deploy, and the unique purposes and timing of your mandate. This lets the Meta Community transparency see the volume and timing of resources available to it, so the System Wide Master Plan can be adjusted accordingly.

Step 3: Understand and Help Articulate The Goal, The Project, The Game, and The Critical Path

Take the time to really understand and help articulate in your own langauge The Goal, The Game, The Project, and the Critical Path.

Step 4: Pay Attention to Requests for Payment From the System

As Requests for Payment based on Value Creation are made monthly to the members of the Meta Fund, pay attention and review promptly.

Step 5: Incrementally Release Resources to Fund Value Creation That Advances The Critical Path, Incrementally Remove Resources from activity that produces Waste

Work with other members of the Meta Fund and the Meta Community to


That's all for now. If you would like to help develop the Meta Fund or the Lionsberg System, please reach out and let's design and build together.


p.s. - if you are interested, start thinking about the concepts of Time Currency and Time Price in a New World that has advanced beyond the artificial scarcity created by fiat currencies in the Old World.

Time Price - The amount of time that a person must work to earn enough Time Currency to acquire something.

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