5.9 Acting As If We Are Individually And Solely Responsible

There is a Way we can Be

…that causes us to Act As If

…we are individually and solely responsible…

…for meeting the needs...

...solving the problems…

…relieving the suffering…

…and bringing the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into Reality for the benefit of All.

There is a Way we can be…

…that causes us to Act As If

…we are All part of a great Meta Project to elevate and transform our lives and our world…

FROM: Our current state of being

TO: The better and higher state One and All desire and intend.

This Way is the natural and logical end of the Realization that each and every one of us is simultaneously…

…the last defense against the descent of current and future generations into ever greater Chaos and suffering…

…and the last best hope that we can somehow we can solve the grand challenges, relive the suffering, accomplish the goals, forge a New Order, and co-create the New World.

YOU are the last best defense, and the last best hope. The world needs you. All of you.

In every moment we breathe, in every domain we touch, we are the one who either speaks or does not speak the Truth.

We are the one who either confronts and overcomes, or cowers and hides, when we come face to face with Tyranny, Injustice and Oppression.

We are the one who either does or does not rise to our Potential.

We are the one. You are the one.

If every human being on earth Acted As If they were individually and solely responsible for manifesting the New World into Reality, it is already here.

If every human being spoke and embodied the Logos that co-creates New Order out of Chaos of the Old, the New World is already at hand.

There is a great Meta Story longing to unfold and be told.

A great Meta Game longing to be played.

A great Meta Project longing to be undertaken.

What if we All chose to Act As If?

What if we All chose to awaken, arise, and speak the New World into Being?

We should Act As If we were individually and solely responsible, because we are.

YOU are our last best hope. The world needs you.

You are individually and solely responsible.

But do not worry. You are not alone.

We are many.

Together, we are an army.

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