5.10 Experiencing the Greatest Possible Purpose and Meaning

We Return to the One.

We At-One.

We re-integrate ourselves into that which we separated ourselves from.

We rediscover the beauty of what Community is intended to be.

We move, together, as one, with One, towards the Most Worthy Goal.

We are surrounded. We are permeated. We are held up. We are supported. We are loved. We are encouraged. We are liberated to do what is most uniquely ours to do in service of the Most Worthy Goal.

We take up the greatest responsibility we can bear, and we advance towards the Meta Goal with all our strength, with all our might, with all our being, with all our heart, with all our spirit, with all our Love.

We experience not only our individual progress, but the aggregate and universal progress of the entire Meta Community of Life that is moving together and advancing in service of Life and Love, One and All.

We are rightly related to One and All.

We are rightly related to Life and its Source.

We are maximally confident that the future will be better in every way than the past we are leaving behind, because we experience ourselves measurably striving to cause it to be so, and succeeding.

It is not happening to us. We are the Conscious Agents Co-Creating it.

We know that our children and grandchildren will be secure and have the opportunity to develop into the fullness of their Potential and flourish, not because of what we have accumulated and stored up, but because what we have given to forge the type of society and world in which All Life helps One Another flourish.

There is only the faintest meaning and most temporary security in a pile of treasure that can be lost, stolen, or decay.

And it always is lost, stolen, or decays.

Lay up your treasure in Heaven, and bring Heaven to Earth!

Properly engaged the Most Worthy Quest towards the Most Worthy Goal for the benefit of All, every spiritual, intellectual, physical, and natural element is rightly related, aligned, and optimized to produce true measurable throughput of the Meta Goal.

This inherently brings with it individual and collective optimization for the greatest Purpose, Meaning, and Abundance we could possibly experience.

There is no other Way, but to experience the greatest possible Meaning of All for One and One for All.

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