Periods of Action

This page is a Work In Progress

Periods of Action is a concept pointing to the Reality that our available Time can be sliced up intouseful and approximately "right sized" Periods of Action.

We suspect that a Meta Game that helps people learn how to Multiplex by focusing intensely on advancing the next Wise Right Thing to do in approximately 15 minute increments, then Shipping The Work, would lead to a dramatic increase in human capacity and productivity.

This concept of Periods of Action relates to the engineering concept of Multiplexing.

This allows a human being, as a System within a larger System designed to produce Throughput of The Goal, to focus with 100% attention and clarity across the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals that must Flow through them.

It also draws us out abstract and vague worry, into near presence in the moment, wisely acting upon the next thing in our immediate Proximity.

Over time, with increasing skill, Periods of Action can increasingly narrow towards perfect presence in the Now.