1.5 One Hour a Day

If we were going to spend One Hour a Day Doing Our Best to tap into, rightly relate to, and live out from That Which is Creating and Sustaining our Life, our Consciousness, and our Universe...

...how might we go about doing that?

The first step is to separate, temporarily, the notions of Being and Doing.

Being relates to the pure essence of existence. "I Amness". Existence. Awareness. Pure Consciousness. Presence. The Universal. The Eternal. The Now.

Doing relates to engaging in Activity or Work in Space and Time.

Before we can possibly know how to Do from the Highest Place, we must understand how to relate to and Be with the Highest Place and the Highest One.

Our Current Best Understanding involves dividing up our perceived One Hour of Time into 15 minute units of Time, or Periods of Action.

Now that we have an abundance of Four 15 Minute Periods of Action, how might we deploy them in the Highest and Best Way?

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