1.6 A Metaphor

Let us imagine that we were invited to participate in helping co-create a building or universe, and we only had one hour a day to help.

(This might actually be a fitting metaphor if One is at least as conscious and intelligent as we are, and has something in Mind for us to do together.)

Before we rushed into action, we would need to take time to understand the Designer's Intent.

The first role of every individual and team on a building project is to review the plans and specifications, and understand the Designer's Intent.

Once we understood the overarching and uniting Intention / Vision / Goal (Step One)...

Step Two would be to analyze the existing forces and conditions and understand what presently was.

Our first two steps would orient us to The Gap between What Is and What Ought To Be; The Gap between the current State of Being, and the Better and Higher State of Being that the Designer Intends for the Domain to be Transformed.

Understanding Point A What Is / Where We Are, and Point B What Ought To Be / Where We Are Going, we could then engage with the other builders (Step 3), develop a shared Plan of Action (Step 4), and then Enact our Plan with a small Team, understanding that plans never survive first contact with Reality and need to Continuously Learn and Improve.

If we did not yet understand the Designer's Intent or the Plan of Action, it would be far more helpful for us to Do Nothing, than to take some "helpful" action that would likely need to be removed and redone.

Therefore until we understood the Designer's Intent and the Existing Forces and Conditions, our Best and Highest role would be to sit quietly, study, discern, and learn.

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