1.12 The Practice Of Today

The Practice is anchored by a Daily Practice.

We focus on Today because of all the Levels of Analysis one might choose, it is approximately the right level to begin with.

Over Time, the Practice of Today should elevate and transform itself into the Practice of Now.

In other words, as Our level of mastery increases, We are able to rightly Be Present, Consciously Evaluate, Consciously Decide, and Consciously Act in smaller and smaller frames of Time.

Facing a professional pitcher, one who has never played baseball before would not even swing until long after the ball had struck the catchers mitt. The ball would be simply a blur.

However for the most masterful batter in history, even the fastest pitches float towards them in in slow motion. The Master is so present, so skilled, and so attentive, they can actually see the spin, trajectory, and micro-movements of the ball as it comes towards them.

The same is true is martial arts. The Masters move in micro-frames of time that their opponents do not even know exist.

Mastery looks like magic.

The same is true in Life.

For the unskilled and unconscious, life is blur.

For the Masters, every moment is an opportunity to be in such a Way that Heaven descends and incarnates itself on Earth.

Today is a element of our Reality that encompasses the basic cycle of life.

A life well lived is one in which Today is well lived, every day.

A great life is composed of great days.

So for now, as We learn, let Us Practice on Today.

As an interim step, we can divide Today into 15 minute Periods of Action, and do with them the things that would make today great.

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