1.13 What Would Make Today Great?

A great life is like a work of art. It is like a masterpiece.

A masterpiece is composed of many sub-masterpieces that comprise the Whole.

A great life is like Temple suitable for fully enlightening consciousness.

A Temple is composed of many building blocks coherently crafted together into the Whole.

So how do We make each day a masterpiece?

How do We make each day great?

How do We make our lives a temple in which the One can dwell and enlighten us?

How do We make our Selves into a conduit of the Spirit?

A great day is one in which We Exist in a Way that produces Progress towards our Aim, which if we are Aiming Properly is The Goal.

Like any System, our lives must be lived in such a Way that they produce Throughput of our Supreme Goal.

What makes a great day is its Throughput of The Goal.

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