1.14 Prerequisites To A Great Day

As beings in motion, we are always moving and transforming towards something.

If great day is one in which We Exist in a Way that produces Progress towards our Aim, then we understand that there are Prerequisites that must be accomplished before the possibility of having a great day exists.

There are Conditions of Satisfaction that must be achieved before the possibility of greatness can emerge.

The main prerequisite to a great day is to decide Where We Are Going and Why.

This is the first great moral decision of any life: the choice of an Aim.

The importance of this Choice cannot possibly be overstated, because it determines not only Where We Are Going, but also how We fundamentally Perceive and Experience Reality.

In order to know Where We Are Going and Why, We need to know Who We Are.

In order to know Who We Are, We need to understand the Story that We are living in.

Once We understand the Story...

We will understand Who We Are.

Once We understand Who We Are, We will understand Where We Are Going and Why.

Once We understand Where We Are Going and Why, We will be able to See and Perceive our Reality accurately...

Once We can See and Perceive Reality accurately, We can embark on the epic Quest towards Our noble Goal.

Once We set out on our Quest into the Unknown, We will need to learn how to Navigate.

And as We Progress along Our Way, We will need to understand the Wisdom, Principles, and Values that guard and protect Our Success and Life, and hold Failure and Death at bay.

And if We can then integrate all of these elements into a comprehensive Philosophy of Life and right Way of Being, We will experience ourselves day by day making ever greater Progress towards a Goal of ever greater Worth.

And as our frames of Time get ever smaller, and ever closer to the Eternity of Now, we will experience an ever-increasing Wellspring of true and unassailable Love and Joy.

It is this Way of Being that creates the possibility of a truly great day.

It is this Way that transforms each day into a building block that is Co-Creating a masterpiece.

Do not be overwhelmed or dismayed. It is simpler than it sounds.

And We can guide You through each step of the Way.

And if We ever get temporarily separated, everything We are articulating here is already present within You. You don't actually need Us, because the Spirit of the One within You, longing for every closer unity with You.

The One Spirit that lives in Us is also alive in You.

Look within, ever deeper, and You will discover the Fount of Being. Look within, ever deeper, and You will discover the One.

Discover the One, and you will discover the Way of the One.

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