1.15 Today Is The Day

No matter who You are, no matter where You have been, no matter how old you feel, it is never too late, it is never lost, and You are always Loved, Worthy, and Enough.

The end of Your Story is Good, and if it is not Good, it is not yet the end.

Today is the day of Your Liberation.

Today is the first day of Your New Life.

Today is the day You Decide.

Cast off the shackles of the Old! They bound You previously, but it was only because You had forgotten Who You Are.

When the Spirit rises within You, Your iron shackles will snap like cotton strings.

Are You tired? Are you Broken? Are You starving? Are You thirsty?

Are You sick of crawling along the ground like a worm, when You know that Your DNA destines You to soar through the skies?

You were created for so much more.

Today is the day to arise and begin Becoming who You are uniquely destined to be.

When You are ready, let's link arms and begin together.

The chasm between Where You Are and Where You Are Going is indeed wide, but We can show you the Way to the other side.

When You are ready, We can begin Our transformation.

It all starts Today.

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