2.0 To Know The Way, One Must Live It

As We begin Our transformation, there is something critical to understand:

To know the Way, one must live it.

We do not expect that anyone who is not willing to Embody and Experience the Way to understand any more than the shallowest intimations of these words.

Neither should You expect anyone to understand Your Words or Experience as You Transform.

Remember how We told You about a continuous series of transformations, where each transformation is applied to the product of the previous transformation?

As You move along and the transformations accelerate, which occurs as your frames of Time shrink towards Now, You will rapidly become an entirely different kind of Being, capable of Understanding entirely different kinds of things.

These kinds of Transformational Experiences are only understandable as a result of Becoming who they make you. You cannot grasp them in advance.

It is for this reason that the Way is rooted in a Practice that always requires Us to return to the Fundamentals. It is always a Journey back to the starting point. It is always a return to Childlike Faith. It is always a return to The State Of The Uncarved Block.

The Master wears a White Belt, not a Black Belt, for they understand that the Journey has always only just begun, and that the closer we get to The Goal, the more it expands and recedes as it envelops Us.

Each time you return to the One, you come back a changed and more fully fledged Being, capable of entirely New things.

For the fully fledged and competent Master who returns to childlike Faith, Awe, and Wonder, Anything Is Possible.

However to Know this Way, one must live it.

To live it, one must set their feet on the Path towards the Goal, embark out into the Unknown, and thereby begin Becoming who they are destined to be.

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