2.1 An Integrated Philosophy, Practice, And Way Of Being

We are not going to assume the background or training of anyone.

Therefore We are going to begin at the beginning, and attempt to lay out, for those who have not already mastered or transcended one, an Integrated Philosophy,Theory, Practice, Process, and Way of Being purpose-built help You discover and Realize Your unique Potential in pursuit of the Most Worthy Goal.

This Integrated Delivery System is purpose-built to be pointed at the Most Worthy Goal of which you can conceive, and the best person You could possibly become, and to bring those things into Reality through One Another.

It is Process of Reciprocal Opening through which You transform and are transformed by the Reality You Co-Create.

This Way begins with One overarching and uniting Meta Idea that integrates All within Itself.

It progresses into a complete Philosophy of Life...

That informs a Total Nested Hierarchy of Values...

That is then expressed in Theory...

That is then integrated in Science...

That is then systematically tested through a Practice and Way of Being that causes all elements of the Integrated System to rise towards every greater harmony with One and One Another.

This total Process elevates and transforms Our Selves and Our world towards Our Destiny.

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