2.2 Other Systems And Guides

There may be many other better Systems, and many other better Guides.

However what We share, We share from the Spirit and heart, and from deep suffering and direct personal experience.

There are many Guides that are better qualified and more talented in each Domain of Practice.

Yet having failed to find one to Guide Us through Our own descents into the underworld and rebirths, We are compelled to offer this aid from Our heart, and to share what We discovered through Our own suffering and the suffering of others, in hopes that those who comes after Us will not have to endure the same costly sacrifices We underwent in order to figure this out.

Haven given Our own life to discover a Way, we freely give it to You.

As a good Steward of what was freely given to You, Freely give it to All.

If anything is lacking, fill it up.

If anything is not fitting, prune it off.

Whatever You do, always improve the System, and leave it better than You found it.

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