1.11 The Practice of Now

The ultimate expression of a the truly masterful Way of Being is one in which the Spirit flows through Us into every moment of every Time and Space we find our Selves Thrown into.

It is one in which We are consummately present, as a conduit of the Spirit, emptied out of all that would inhibit Its powerful and transformational Flow.

A true master no longer is limited to the forms.

A true master simply flows.

A true master simply Is.

Yet only one in billions attains such a state.

For the rest of Us, We need to Practice. Just as the Masters still Practice.

The Way We Practice is through the Way we are Today. Through the Way we Are Now.

As a Starting Point, We can use Today as a proxy for the Now.

As we grow more advanced, we can narrow the gap to an hour as proxy for now, 15 minutes as a proxy for now, 1 minute as a proxy for now, coming ever closer to, yet never fulling grasping or attaining, Absolute Presence in the Now.

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