13.17 Becoming a Hero

Unlike those who choose slavery over life, you are awakening, arising, and destined to become a Hero.

How does one become a Hero?

By searching out and properly identifying with the Spirit that animates the Meta Hero and Creates and Sustains All Life.

By making a Conscious Decision to primarily Identify with this Spirit, and join your Self to its Purpose, Aim, and Goal.

By discerning to the best of our ability its Perfect and Highest Perspective, Wisdom, Intention, and Logos.

By discerning to the best of our ability Where We Are.

By setting our eyes on Where We Are Going.

And by engaging in the heroic Quest to venture out into the Unknown, to struggle valiantly and die nobly if necessary to confront and overcome the Existential Threats of the Wilderness standing between us and The Goal, thereby transforming our Selves, our lives and our world...

FROM What Is
TO What Ought To Be, which is the fullness of their Potential

In this way we become one with the Spirit that calls All life to Progress towards its best and highest Potential and its Ultimate Unity through Love.

By taking on the greatest Responsibility we can bear, voluntarily exposing ourselves to Suffering and even Death to speak Truth, embodying the Logos, and confronting and overcoming Evil for the wellbeing of All, we can unlock the hidden Potential in our physical and Metaphysical DNA that is longing to reemerge into a generation of mythical super heroes who transform the course of history and establish the New Era.

This latent Potential cannot be unlocked by sitting on your couch or slaving away in the Old System. Your wings cannot develop into the fullness of their Potential in a cage with your keepers constantly clipping them. Heroic Potential can only be unleashed through the valiant struggle towards Freedom and Right Relationship with God at all costs.

This is the story deep in your heart that calls to you in the moments when you truly listen.

It is the epic struggle that unleashes the hero, and the hero that unleashes the Meta Victory, and the Meta Victory that unleashes the New World.

Get off your leash, out of your cage, and get into the arena. The wilderness and adventure Beyond awaits!

The epic Quest towards your destiny awaits! The Meta Game longs to be played.

A generation of heroes is arising and you are destined to be one of them.

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