13.18 What Do I Do and Where Do I Begin?

Far more epic adventures await you in the great Beyond.

However the Way towards the great Beyond begins with your first step.

The path towards Mastery begins (and ends) with putting on your white belt. It begins (and ends) with the Beginner’s Mind.

The path towards a white belt lies in getting up off the couch, and taking the first step towards the place where the art is practiced.

If you cannot find a better Place of Practice, I practice this Art in Lionsberg, and I would delighted to train and progress together.

Do not worry about how small your first step is. The great secret is that the Way only reveals itself to us one step at a time. You are not supposed to know that you are safe and that everything is going to be ok. That comfort only lies in eternity. We are here on earth not to be safe, but to Become Strong. We are here on earth to learn, to grow, to develop, and to become the kinds of people who confront and overcome even Evil and Death itself.

Traveling through seemingly infinite Wilderness, on exceptionally clear nights we can occasionally see the faint glimmer of the Land of Promise in the distance. Yet between here and there is lies the total Unknown of Darkness and Chaos. And worse, the Existential Threats that lurk in the shadows, the great heights from which we might slip and fall, and the sneering and jealous watchers of the one who tries, who cannot wait to celebrate, laugh, and publicly proclaim your downfall and failure.

Welcome to the arena. You can't walk this Way alone, so find a Place of Practice, and if you can't find a great one, come meet me in Lionsberg, and we can learn to advance together.

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