13.16 Waiting For A Meta Hero

Many of those invited to become heroes and take possession of the Land Of Promise have instead spent generations tolerating and fearfully perpetuating the suffering, injustice, and oppression of the Anti-Hero while waiting for a messiah or Meta Hero to arrive. They teach that things will continue to decay until a Meta Hero (re)appears, and that it is therefore hopeless to intervene.

Yet who knows if those very events are not right at hand, and you were born for such a time as this? Is not the same Spirit that animates the Meta Hero alive within us? Is not the same power that raises Christ from the dead living within you, breathing you, and breathing All Creation?

If we properly read the signs and the times, would not the Meta Hero  be encouraged to find a global community arisen and united, laboring together by the Spirit of God towards the same Mission, Purpose, and Goal? Is not the same power, Love, Spirit, and Mind freely available, living, and arising in us today?

We must all arise and unite and engage in great struggle of Love towards the liberation and salvation of the earth from its suffering and bondage. Only then does the spirit of the Meta Hero arise, arrive, and finally win the battle. We know what the Spirit of the Meta Hero would do if it were here… we know the Spirit that is the Source and Sustainer of the Meta Hero also dwells within us… and we know that we have been invited to become one with that Spirit, and to walk in the fullness of the Presence and Power of God.

Regardless of the timing and mystery of the ancient prophesies, our calling and mandate is the same - to exist and move with the Spirit of God.

If we love, we will arise and unite in partnership with the Creator and All Creation to do what must be done at this moment in history, which is what the Spirit of the Meta Hero would do.

If we know what the Spirit that commands order and life our of chaos and suffering would do, and if we find this same Spirit and Consciousness present within us, then there is no waiting.

Our job is to embody and move by the Spirit of God to the very best of our ability as It liberates and transforms our lives, our families, our communities, and our world towards their potential.

It is foolish and immoral to stand idly by watching the suffering, the abuse, the raping, and the pillaging of humanity and our planet. The eternal Spirit and Authority and Power and Love of the Creator demands of us the same truth, action and sacrifice archetypically exemplified by the Meta Hero. If you see someone suffering and abused, it is immoral to refuse to engage while we look around and to the heavens waiting for the Meta Hero of the story to arrive and act.

You are the one who was destined to be present and see. You are the one who has the authority, power, and obligation to arise and act. You are the sovereign and empowered hero of this moment in the Meta Story. You are the representative of the Spirit of God and the Messiah that is present here and now. It is up to you to act how the Meta Hero would act, and do what the Spirit would do, until the Meta Hero arrives and the world is brought into perfect peace and order.

We can be assured that as we begin to move together in this Spirt towards The Goal, forces beyond our wildest imagination will come to our aid.

We do not have to play the Meta Game alone, for it is a spiritual game, and the Forces of Heaven and Earth stand ready to come to our aid.

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