13.15 The Giants Guarding the Land of Promise

After surviving our Quest through the Wilderness against all odds, and only by the daily Faithfulness and Providence of the One who who guides our Quest, we reach the boundaries of the Land Of Promise.

The land of promise is necessarily guarded by armed giants, compared with which we are mere shadows after having endured generations of slavery and the bitter trek through the desert. How could it logically be any other way?

The illegitimate exploiters of the land of promise have been occupying it for generations, building up their wealth and weapons, nourished by the finest sustenance and abundance that the earth has to offer. They are strong, they are well rested, and they look invincible to the eyes of weary travelers.

Except the heroes of the story know they can be confronted and overcome. Standing in the strength and power of the Spirit of God who brought us here, it is we who are invincible and will prevail!

There is no mountain that cannot be taken up and cast into the sea if it stands in our way.

There is no river that can’t be parted, to allow us to walk through on dry land.

Even the grandest of canyons can be raised, and the highest mountains bowed down, to make way for the Spirit of the One to progress towards Its Kingdom.

Those who cower in fear at the dragons and giants who guard the land of promise are doomed to die in the Wilderness. They are not fit to enter the land, for if they did, they would corrupt it with their fear and unfaithfulness.

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