13.14 Sacrificing Others Instead of Your Self

As we wander through the desert, fearful and insidious counselors will whisper and advise that we sacrifice the old, the weak, and the infirm.

“They have no value to us here in the desert. They are only slowing us down, and weakening us by consuming our limited resources.”

Do you not know it is the wise Elders who hold the secrets to overcome the tests and challenges that lie ahead? There are forces coming to test you which can snap your strength like twig. Your arrogant and useless human strength is worthless in the face of the divine forces and anti-forces of Darkness, and The Giants that guard our destiny.

Do you not know that the wise and the meek will inherit the Land Of Promise, and that those who attempt to drink of it by their own strength will be consumed?

You have accumulated your strength by taking from the weak. You are only a tool being used to store up resources for the Just. The eternal hand of Justice and Righteousness will prevail. The eternal eyes of Virtue have witnessed and counted every transaction that you thought was done in secret. The Father has heard the cries of his children that you are exploiting, and is rushing to meet you.

Your evil whispers will be shouted from the rooftops, and your fall is at hand.

The one who suggests others should be sacrificed instead of sacrificing himself will perish in the wilderness.

Those who try to preserve their own lives and wellbeing by sacrificing others will surely themselves perish.

It is those who are strong and courageous enough to sacrifice themselves so that the weak and meek might live who are most worthy of Life, and who will therefore be raised into New Life.

If you try to save your own life, you will lose it, but if you give your life for my sake, you will find it.

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