13.13 The Wilderness Between Captivity and the Promised Land

When a people forget God and forsake the Way, and thereby descend into generations of slavery and suffering, they find themselves in a cruel and foreign land, exploited, oppressed, and abused.

After generations of slavery, their hearts and spirits are crushed, the hand of the oppressor is too heavy, and the culture is gradually forgotten, intentionally purged, and sinks into the abyss.

The spirit of the Hero sees God in the Burning Bush, and arises and descends into the abyss, to rescue and revivify the spirit of the dying society, and raise it back up to New glory and life.

Yet between the slavery of the Old World, and the freedom and abundance of the New World, there is always a Chasm - a harsh and brutal Wilderness that must be crossed.

The land of slavery and the land of promise must necessarily be separated by a wilderness. How could it logically be any other way? Like oil and water, their logics cannot mix or coexist.

Freedom comes with great cost and personal Responsibility. It takes great Courage and Conviction to cross the Wilderness. There is a certain allure to captivity. In the midst of the desert it can be harsh and bitter and lonely. In the midst of the jungle it can be dense, swampy, and terrifying. Yes we were beaten and oppressed and our children abused, but at least they fed us and sheltered us. Perhaps it is better to live in slavery than to suffer and die in the wilderness.

Such is the state of the soul who has lost its Dignity. It is not fit to endure and overcome what must be endured and overcome if our children and our grandchildren are to dwell in the flourishing land of abundance.

If the spirits of the old generation are too enslaved, they might doom us to wander in the desert for a generation, until they pass away and a generation strong enough to arise and lay hold of our Destiny with Courage emerges.

As for me and my household, give us Liberty, or give us Death. I don’t care how deadly the desert is. I would rather confront and overcome the dragon in its lair, than see my children and grandchildren suffering and enslaved without purpose, hope or meaning, in a degenerating society and world.

Far better to suffer and die trying.

We have lived this way for generations, and this is no way to live. No matter the cost, we must bear the burden of freedom unto death, so that All might dwell in Liberty.

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