13.12 The Spirit of Wisdom, Courage, and Perseverance Through the Generations

This is not just about our own individual transformation.

It is about the ultimate transformation of the human species and All Creation guided by the the Wisdom and Spirit of God as all generations of life and consciousness progress through the millennia towards their Destiny.

Therefore Courage, Wisdom, and Perseverance must transcend any current embodiment of them.

The Flame must ever be passed to the next generation as our legacy, their inheritance.

There is the individual spirit of the Phoenix, that is like the Spirit of Christ.

And there is the collective and universal spirit of the Phoenix, which is like the Spirit of God.

They are One.

Because we were old, corrupt, and lacked faith, a generation had to perish in the desert before all generations could flourish in the Land Of Promise. May this not be Our Story this time around.

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