13.11 Courage and Perseverance

Recognizing we are setting out on an epic Quest towards Destiny, against unprecedented odds and unimaginable forces of opposition…

Courage and Perseverance are the watchwords of the Hero.

Courage is not the absence of fear or doubt. It is the ability to advance in the face of fear and doubt. To persist in the Way in the face of the insurmountable odds you know in advance you are heading into. And worse, those that are so terrifying that had you known there existed, you may not have gone.

It is the testing, the trials, and the insurmountable odds that forge and test our Faithfulness, our ability to persevere in pursuit of that which we Value and Believe in most.

It is this deep Faithfulness, this deep Perseverance, this deep Courage and Endurance in the face of whatever may come, that ultimately forges and refines us into the fullness of who we are destined to become.

The point isn’t to have our first elementary ideas succeed perfectly… the point is to experiment and learn and grow and make mistakes… and persevere through it all as we climb the mountain towards the Meta Goal of God.

It is the Learning, the Wisdom, and the Knowledge that comes from testing and trying and failing and dying and rising from the dead… that lets us make the most of the next iteration…

The Phoenix that understands that it always rises from the ashes and becomes stronger every time has a very different perspective of success, failure, and death. It dares greatly, knowing it will always rise again.

It does not constitute success to play it safe and fight to save your own life.

It constitutes success to act with Courage and Perseverance to fight for the lives of others, fail and die in the process, and rise again in ever greater Wisdom and Strength because you are properly identified not with your current embodiment, but with the Spirit that is guiding each successive transformation across Space and Time.

Perceived success is not necessarily success. Perceived failure is not necessarily failure.

Courageous and persistent cycles of transformation, learning, and development are the Way.

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