13.10 There is no Turning Back

Once the Hero embarks on the Quest, there is no turning back.

Once you know and see, you cannot willfully unknow and unsee or you betray and damage your soul and society.

Willful Blindness and a lack of Courage lead to death and suffering.

If you see the Way, understand the Logos, embark on the Quest, and turn back, you are not only not progressing, but you are adding your energy, resources, work, and being to perpetuating the systems and behaviors that are the root causes of the suffering of all. You are adding to the current of death that the heroes are working to swim upstream against.

Yes it is dangerous. Yes it is hard. Yes it is scary. Yes it was safer back in the security and certainty of slavery. Yet it is soul-destroying to go back and pretend you didn’t see what you saw, and try to Unknow what you cannot.

This is harmful, immoral and unethical. If we try to secure ourselves and save our own lives first, we will end up losing them. If we set our feet on the Quest towards life, and then turn back to the pathways of death, we betray ourselves and therefore all others and the Spirit guiding them upwards towards Life and Light. There is only one moment to stop applying the Patterns of Death, and start applying the Patterns of Life. That moment is and always will be now. The moment you awaken and Know what you cannot Unknow. The moment you awaken and See what you cannot Unsee.

Seek first the Meta Goal of the Creative One, and everything else will fall in place. Not in the timing or local way we might imagine, but in the far more exponential, cumulative,  and universal way that actually matters.

This is why our traditions teach us to live on the basis of eternal Love and Value unified by God, rather than temporal fear or desire of anything else. Hunger, shelter, being killed for speaking Truth… these are all terrifying problems for fragile temporal beings. We are powerful eternal beings, and we ought to properly conduct ourselves as such. When our greatest Love and Fear become unified in God, we are finally positioned to see clearly and walk the straight and narrow path towards Destiny.

It is our fears and our desires that cause us to grasp for destructive and irreconcilable mini-goals, rather than setting the fullness of our beings and intention on doing whatever it takes to progress towards the Meta Goal. We must properly confront and integrate them into the functional unity of our True Self and its Source that are guiding the transformation of our lives and our world.

There is a desert to be crossed indeed. We don’t get to know what we will eat and what we will drink and where we will shelter. But we know that God goes before us to prepare a Way through The Wilderness.

Look at the wild birds of the sky. They are free, and they are fed. Yes there is tremendous protection and certainty of food in a cage. But it is a damned cage and you were created to soar through the skies. Don’t betray your destiny and enslave yourself in exchange for the food and protection that the Source and Sustainer of all life already knows you need.

Don't turn back in fear. Fix your eyes straight ahead on The Goal and God, and do not turn to the right or to the left. No matter the dragons, werewolves, and wilderness that stand in your Way.

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