13.9 Nothing Can Come First

When a hero awakens and finally understands their unique place in the Meta Story, it is time to arise and move.

There are no Predecessors to beginning to act, right now with the fullness of our being, to accomplish The Goal. The Meta Quest must lead, and everything else must follow.

Seek First the Kingdom of God, and All these things shall be added unto you.

We are never to busy to get to work becoming who we are destined to be, so that All Creation can become what it is destined to be.

If you think you are too busy to help save your soul and the world today, and thereby become who you are uniquely destined to be, please make me a list of all the things that you feel are more important and let’s discuss. What could possibly be more important?

If what you are doing in life is not developing you and the world into the fullness of its potential, stop. If you are not co-creating the New World, you are perpetuating the Old World and subordinating your spirit to it, and thereby enslaving yourself and others and dooming generations of life to suffering.

Asleep humanity is hard at work employing Means that are completely antithetical to the Ends, and thinking that if they just earn enough money, educate ourselves, reach financial security for ourselves and our family… THEN we will really be in a position to do good and start playing the Meta Game. If we just pretend that we are asleep for a little longer in The Caves, maybe The Guards won't notice, and will give us enough of their currency to liberate us.

What they don’t realize is that this universe is the playground of the Meta Game. It is not an option not to play. You were born into it.

The nature of the Meta Game is that if you win, everyone wins and all life flourishes. If we lose, everyone loses and all life suffers. We are all in this together.

What they don’t realize is that by subordinating themselves, they are betraying their spirit and using over 90% of the power of their being to strengthen and perpetuate the Old, while using less than 10% of the power of their being to co-create the New.

It is illogical. It is a Pattern of Death. The math doesn’t work.

The Old System is designed such that the vast majority of the value you create is accumulated by those perpetuating the Old System and seeking to enslave you. You get a tiny pittance, and then you take a tiny portion of your tiny pittance to try to do some good, but you can’t give too much because you are scared you will end up broke and alone since the Old System doesn’t give a damn about you. So you keep prostituting yourself, hoping that someday you will earn enough to combat prostitution. Yet with every customer you serve, the ring enslaving and exploiting you grows stronger.

This is perhaps the greatest inherent trap and pattern of failure in life. Once you see the truth, nothing else can come first before setting your feet on the path of transforming the root causes of our individual and collective suffering, developing towards the fullness our potential, and flourishing in harmony.

Forsake the Patterns of Death and embark on the pathways of Life.

Remove your energy from the Old, and devote the fullness of your being to strengthening and co-creating the New.

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