11.69 Like a Pattern, But More Like a Spirit

It has been said that the Way that creates and sustains the universe is like a set of principles, patterns and protocols.

Yet the Way is only like a set of principles, patterns and protocols.

It is even more like the eternal Spirit that creates the principles, patterns, and protocols according to its Divine Wisdom and Logos.

When you are young and learning, you obey the rules and imitate the patterns. They are the disciplinary coach that restrains the chaos of youth and teaches us how to play the Meta Game.

However when you return to the Spirit of your youth as a wise and fully mature Master, you embody the Spirit that creates the rules and guides the transformation of the Art and Science of the Way.

In the final account there are no patterns, and there are no rules, but One.

It is the Spirit of the One that generates the Rules that is the Way.

It is the mystery of that which lies beyond the limits of our ability to conceive of it, and which is also the Source of our ability to conceive of it.

It is that which lies beyond our consciousness, and which is also the Source of our consciousness.

It is the Cause of what is and the Potential of what ought to be, which itself is caused by nothing.

We can embody the principles and patterns of the One, but the actual Goal is to become, individually and collectively, a functional, unified, coherent, integral, eternal living embodiment of the One, because we are all moved by One Central Animating Spirit.

To become a living conduit through which the Spirit of God flows into and transforms every moment and being you touch.

When this happens, we are one.

Therefore it has been said, that the basic movement of the spiritual element is the movement towards Unity through Love, and the Ultimate Unity is God.

In the final account All life and consciousness proceeds from and returns to the One.

It is a long journey we go through to return and be properly reunited with the Source from which we arise.

The journey is long indeed, but it does not have to be such a tragic catastrophe.

If we wanted to, we could choose to consciously transform our Metaphysical DNA, choose a higher Way, and help all generations of life flourish throughout the millennia.

The ONLY thing that will remain from this generation a thousand years from now is the DNA we pass on.

Nations, religions, and institutions rise and fall.

The Spirt and Way of the One is eternal.

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