11.38 Rules of the Meta Game

While the Meta Law cannot be written down, we can articulate some limited expressions of it as our elementary school starting point until the Spirit of wise right action flows directly and spontaneously through us.

These could be expressed in a thousand different ways in a thousand different languages, so you have to see beyond the words to the Spirit.

1.    Until you understand, act as if…

2.    Act as if… Your life and the life of everyone you love depends on it.

3.    Act as if… Every breath, every heartbeat, and every moment matters.

4.    Act as if… Nothing is excluded from the Meta Game.

5.    Act as if… No one is excluded from the Meta Game.

6.    Act as if… Every being is sacred and sovereign.

7.    Act as if… The Goal is the total integrated wellbeing and development of the Living System and all its inhabitants across all generations of life.

8.    Act as if… the Goal could only be achieved through loving right relationship among All things with One Another and their Source.

9.    Act as if… The Source of life its also the One Central Organizing Relationship among All expressions of life that flow from It. Any other organizing relationship automatically and by definition separates, divides and suboptimizes.

  1. Act as if… All things are invited into direct right relationship with the One and One Another. No royal priesthood, king or hierarchy is required.

  2. Act as if… No one can accomplish The Goal, unless and until all of us accomplish The Goal.

  3. Act as if… What you do to the Living System or any of its inhabitants, you do to yourself and to all. Therefore: Do no harm, and render assistance to All.

  4. Act as if… What you do not do unto the Living System or any of its inhabitants, you do not do unto yourself and unto all. Therefore: Do no harm, and render assistance to All.

  5. Act as if… If you suboptimize for your own self, family, tribe, or nation, you and society will fail. It is suicidal. Therefore, optimize at the Meta Level for the One universal Meta Goal.

  6. Act as if… If you do the Wise Right Thing, at the right time, for the total integrated wellbeing and development of All, you will succeed. Therefore, never suboptimize for your own safety or comfort when the wellbeing of the whole is at stake.

  7. Act as if… What you do in secret is more important than what is seen.   Therefore: Be most faithful in secret.

  8. Act as if… Metaphysical Reality & Eternity are more important than the Physical Reality and SpaceTime you perceive.

  9. Act as if… The Patterns of Life will lead upward towards life and highest potential for you and all others. Therefore: Apply the Patterns of Life.

  10. Act as if… The Patterns of Death will lead downwards towards death and suffering for you and all others. Therefore: Avoid the Patterns of Death.

  11. Act as if… You are surrounded by dragons and wolves lurking in the Darkness. There is always a snake in the garden. Therefore: Stay awake, stay aware, and pay attention.

  12. Act as if… Embodying and speaking Truth is a matter of Life and Death. Therefore: Embody and speak the Truth.

  13. Act as if… Truth, Wisdom, and enlightenment is a destination we are navigating towards, not a fundamental dogma attained in the past, or to be attained in the present.

  14. Act as if… All life is sacred, sovereign, and free.

  15. Act as if… The universal Law governing all relationships is Love.

  16. Act as if… Your primary citizenship is in Heaven, as One Community. All tribal and national identity is secondary.

  17. Act as if… If our species is to survive and thrive for a thousand years, we must help, heal, and regenerate the Living System so it can flourish for a thousand years. Our flourishing is inseparable from the flourishing of Nature.

  18. Act as if… Your primary responsibility was to make the world a better place for All its inhabitants. In other words, your primary responsibility is to create Throughput of the Meta Goal for the benefit of All.

  19. Act as if… The starting point was to sort out yourself, your own home, and your own community.

  20. Act as if… There is no “them” coming to save us and solve our problems. We are the heroes we have been waiting for. Together, we are capable of far more than we can possibly imagine.

  21. Act as if… As we take action and start to progress in the Meta Game, forces beyond our wildest imagination will come to our aid.

  22. Act as if... As we take action and start to progress in the Meta Game, powerful Forces of Darkness will arise to object to our Progress.

  23. Act as if… Progress towards the Goal is made by helping all things move FROM suffering, darkness, and captivity TOWARDS freedom, life and light.

  24. Act as if… Everything you perceive is a infinitely complex system of systems. All things contain smaller systems, and are contained within larger systems, and inter-exist in the Ultimate Unity of the Meta System.

  25. Act as if... The Meta System was (something like) holographic in nature, containing an aspect of the Whole in each of the Parts.

  26. Act as if… Every aspect of unwellness that you see is a symptom of something deeper. Therefore: Look for the deepest systematic root causes, and heal the complex system of systems from the inside out and bottom up. Transform the root causes.

  27. Act as if… In a single, interexistent Meta System, if one part of the Body suffers or is unwell, the whole Body suffers and is unwell.

  28. Act as if… In order for the Meta System to be Coherent / Whole / Have Integrity, every individual sub system must become Coherent / Whole / Have Integrity.

  29. Act as if… You are the first sub-system that must become Coherent / Whole / Have Integrity. The Meta System cannot achieve the fullness of its Potential unless and until you come into the fullness your unique potential. Your life matters far more than you know.

  30. Act as if… For you to become Whole, you must heal, elevate and integrate all physical and metaphysical aspects of yourself and your environment. Start with energy in the physical, spirit in the metaphysical, and mind in the space between. Become whole.

  31. Act as if… The symptoms of illness would cease to manifest we co-created a truly regenerative Meta Game that aligns all things to produce Throughput of The Goal for All generations of Life and Consciousness.

Those are just some starting principles.

There is only One rule:

Do the wise, right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, to accomplish the The Goal.

More abstractly, there is only One rule:


God is Spirit, and the New Covenant and New Game are mediated by Spirit, and not by Law.

As such, the fulfill the entire Law.

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