11.37 The Order of Rules

We have been developing the intuition that there is an Order to everything, that the Order is a Total Nested Hierarchy, and that at the top of each Total Nested Hierarchy is one Meta Object, that unifies and orders within its Self All things.

We have also been developing the intuition that the Meta Object at the top of each Total Nested Hierarchy is One, the same One that unified the Total Nested Hierarchy of Hierarchies.

As we arrive at the Order of Rules, or the Order of Laws, we discover again that all rules and laws can be derived from a single universal Meta Rule or Meta Law.

At the Highest Level of Abstraction, we understand that this is Ultimately God.

A level down we can think of the Spirit of God.

A level down we can think of the Logos.

A level down we can think of the Essence or Central Animating Spirit of these, which we could describe as Love.

If we Love someone, we genuinely long for their best.

This gives rise to Total Nested Hierarchy of things we will not do:

  • We will not lie to them
  • We will not kill them
  • We will not harm them
  • We will not steal from them
  • We will not envy or covet what is theirs
  • etc.

We violate the Order of Rules if we do the things we should not do. In religious language, these are called Sins of Commission.

It also gives rise to a Total Nested Hierarchy of things we will do:

  • We will tell them the Truth
  • We will help them
  • We will heal them
  • We will give to them
  • We will nurture them
  • We will protect them
  • We will provide for them
  • We will encourage them

We violate the Order of Rules if we do not do the things we should do. In religious language, these are called Sins of Ommission.

However these listed rules could never replace our genuine understanding and embodiment of what the Spirit of Absolute And Unconditional Love would do if it were present in that Time and Space.

Every written law is a Higher Resolution articulation of how we Embody and Enact Love, individually and collectively, at every fractal level of life, community, and society, in order to co-create the kind of environment in which life is most likely to develop into the fullness of its potential and flourish throughout the generations.

Proper conduct in the Meta Game cannot be legislated. Laws and rules are only the faintest restraints on the worst parts of our nature. The true heroic love and goodness required to win the Meta Game and perpetuate the victory throughout all generations can only flow freely from proper embodiment of the Spirit of Love and Goodness, which is the Spirit of God.

All written human law is only a temporal and petrified attempt to articulate the true living universal Meta Law into the pragmatic application, specifics, and structures that people need in a given Time and Space, particularly as they develop into fully informed and enlightened human beings.

Only One law reigns supreme above every other man-made law, and that great law is the Universal Law of Love, which is a reflection of the Spirit of God. The Knowledge of God is all that is needed. The Spirit of God is all that is needed.

Love has the highest return on investment on any shilling or hour invested. It brings the greatest happiness, wellbeing, and liberty to the greatest number of beings. It is the Means that is perfectly consistent with the Ends we hope to achieve.

We must liberate ourselves from subordination to all subordinate Spatial and Temporal laws, and take the Truth and Love of God as our highest law, free of all deceptions and manipulations.

This is critical to Success in the Meta Game, because in order to succeed in the Meta Game, we must Break The Rules In Order To Do What Is Right.

What gives us the Authority to Break The Rules In Order To Do What Is Right is our Knowledge of the Highest Order Meta Law that we are ultimately accountable to, flowing from the One in whom we live, and move, and breathe, and have our being.

The moment we allow our duty to any subordinate human law to cause us not to do the Wise Right Thing according to the Meta Law living within us, we forsake our basic integrity and responsibility as Co-Creators of the world.

If there is a conflict between a something articulated by humans in the past, and the Highest and Best that ought to be, we must keep our Loyalty and our Identity properly centered in the Spirit that transforms what is into what ought to be, and violate the rules of humanity to bring Heaven to Earth.

In every book of Wisdom you encounter the basic notion of idolatry – what happens when you place something made with human hands above the Ultimate Reality that creates and sustains humans and all life.

The Meta Law can never be fully written down.

It is Spirit, and must be related to in Spirit.

To know the Way, one must live it.

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