11.39 The Universal Playground

As we gain intuition for the Meta Game, we must ask our Selves upon which playground it is to be played.

The obvious answer, which We will not belabor, is that the Meta Game is played on the Meta Playground, which is the entire universe and All it contains, without exception.

For most people, we could temporarily bring it down to Playground Earth, without forgetting the Spiritual War unfolding across the Universe and throughout the Spiritual Realm that we are caught up in.

Remember that The Game is about Co-Creation with God, who exists beyond the illusion of SpaceTime.

The crucial thing is to not scoff at the Whole, or decide you are just going to Suboptimize for whatever locality you can wrap your head around. Suboptimation for localities at the expense of the Whole is a key Pattern of Death.

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