11.40 Worksite Earth

As we circumambulate around The Goal of God, let us turn our minds from the Universal Playground, temporarily reduced to Playground Earth, and let us focus instead on the Universal Worksite, temporarily reduced to Worksite Earth.

Let us imagine that we are builders on a worksite, that we have a job to do, and that we should do our Work as competently as we can.

Work is organized into Projects.

If we are to build any Project, it starts with an Intention.

A designer, architect, or engineer formulates a Designer's Intent.

She then Progressively Articulates her conceptual intention into a written set of plans and specifications that attempt to "pull" that intention into written and artistic form, so that people can work together to bring Intention Into Reality.

The job of every co-worker who steps foot onto the project is to understand and do their best to fulfill the Designer's Intent represented in the plans and specifications.

Designer’s Intent is a powerful contractual and legal concept. A two dimensional set of blueprints, or three dimensional model, cannot possibly convey every detail of every system perfectly. The concept of Designer’s Intent says that each qualified person is required to understand not only the exactly what is drawn in front of them, but to understand what the Designer actually intended the outcome, function, and Ends to be.

If we are unsure, we are obligated to submit Requests For Information, ask intelligent questions, and make suggestions. Before we implement, we prepare Submittals so that the Designer can concur with our understanding.

For example, if you are an electrician, you are required not just to blindly follow the lines on the drawing, but to actually understand what it is that the electrical system is supposed to do, how it is to function, and to ensure that the system that you construct fulfills that intention. You must understand and fulfill the Intention of the design. If something is missing on the plans, and you build exactly what is on the plans and the system does not work, it is not an excuse to point out some technicality in the drawings. As a professional who should have known, or asked, you will be required to remove or repair the work to bring it into conformance at your own expense.

There is an ancient Proverb that instructs us to “submit our plans to God, and they will be established.”

The universe, earth and life are like a fractal worksite. The Creator has an intent, and we are invited to participate in bringing that Intention Into Reality. In that endeavor, we become Co-Creators with God, One Another, and All Creation.

There is another ancient idea that is akin, which is honoring and fulfilling The Spirit Of The Law, and not The Letter Of The Law. There is no Virtue or Honor in exploiting technicalities or claiming we did not know. We are expected and obligated to know the Spirit and its Intent.

There are always gaps in plans, specifications, and laws. It is the Spirit and Intention behind what is written that is our Faithful Guide.

Spiritually, Jesus pointed to this reality when he lambasted the hypocritical teachers of the law and pharisees, who carefully tithed a tenth of their herbs and spices, while neglecting its Spirit of Mercy, Justice, and Faithfulness.

The Spirit does not diminish The Letter Of The Law, but rather fulfills it.

This is the only basis for a functioning and effective society or worksite. We must understand and fulfill the Spirit and Intention of any set of plans, or of any law. This is a deep concept, and the basis of the New Covenant.

All work begins with understanding the Designer’s Intent, which has been laid out clearly in both this book, scripture, and numerous others over thousands of years.

For Earth, we must first understand the world its Designer has in mind - the Creator's Intent. This is The Goal. We must understand what it would look like, what it would feel like, what it would smell like, what it would taste, like and how it would co-operate.

Our Work then becomes the Progressive Realization of the Creator's Intent in whatever domains we are entrusted with. This is the essence of the core value of Stewardship. Doing what the Creator would do with the domains He entrusts to us.

This gets back to transformation:

FROM: What Is

TO: What Ought To Be

And What Ought To Be, is what the Creator intends.

It is quite simple.

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