11.41 Plans and Specifications

The Designer's Intent cannot just remain in the Mind.

It must be Progressively Articulated from the mind into a set of models, plans, and specifications so that all the speciality co-designers and co-workers can continuously study, refine, and improve the clarity and Quality of The Design.

Plans and specifications usually start on a napkin or a scratch piece of paper with ideas and concepts. Over time, they move into a 5 percent or 10 percent completion stage in which large teams of designers, builders, and various stakeholders begin to start to understand and contemplate their various aspects of the design.

Over time, the plans and specifications continuously elevate towards completion. From 10 percent, to 50 percent, to 80 percent, and so on.

Critically important to collaborative design-build projects is understanding that the plans and specifications never reach 100 percent until work is totally complete, and what actually happened and was built is carefully documented in the “As-Built” set of plans.

Every day, the collaborators on the project should be finding better ways to design and build in order to fulfill the Creator’s Intent. Everything can always be improved.

Remember – The Goal is not to build precisely what is on the plans and specs. The goal is to bring our full experience, knowledge, and creative capability to the table, to ask hard questions, propose ideas, and discover in community the best and highest way in which the Creator's Intent can be fulfilled, On Earth As it Is In Heaven. This is the essence of Divine Co-Creation.

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