12.13 The Spirit of Evil

What is greater than any individual prototype or embodiment is the domain-independent spirit that animates it, and all others of its kind.

The spirit the animates the Meta Villain also animates a host of others.

The Meta Villain is only the most evil among the host of all that is evil.

And all that is evil is animated by the same basic spirit of evil.

It is the totality of all things that are animated by the spirit of anti-goodness that are the ultimate force of Darkness that must be dealt with.

In the war that lies ahead, it will not be wise to attempt to slay all the demons one by one, for they are an endless sea of such atrocious things.

In order to win the Meta Game, we must confront and overcome the central animating spirit of the entire army of evil, and thereby permanently ending the war.

It is not the individual expression that our battle is against.

It is the central animating spirit of Evil that must be bound and thrown into the abyss.

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