12.12 The Supreme Anti-Good

In the same way we can determine what makes something heroic, and abstract out the most heroic features into a super hero, and then abstract out the most super heroic features of a multitude of super heroes into a Meta Hero

So too can we determine what makes someone a villain or anti-hero, abstract out the most malevolent features into a super-villain, and then abstract out the most super-villainous features of a multitude of super villains into a Meta Villain.

Take the most evil attributes of the most evil people and societies. If we extract out and integrate what makes each one most evil, and knit those together into a new being, we can start to apprehend a super-evil, a withering bastion of darkness and death.

Now imagine that we have a thousand of these distilled super-evils. Once again take the most evil attributes of the most evil super evils, and abstract them out of the specific instance. If we debase and knit them all together into another new being, we start to apprehend something beyond the super-evil.

The Meta Evil. The Anti-Ideal. Satan.

The very pinnacle of conceptual anti-goodness.

Cackling and prowling about in the place in which fully Endarkened and evil consciousness would dwell.

Just as we can visualize the total nested hierarchy of Goodness unified under God, so too can we visualize a total nested hierarchy of Evil unified under Satan.

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