Energy and Commitment Based UBI

Energy and Commitment Based UBI (short for Universal Basic Income), is the basis of the Lionsberg Currency.

It starts with the abundant Daily Income of Energy from the Sun and Universe, which powers Life, Economy, and Society.

It recognizes the entry of Energy into Earth as the beginning of local and cyclical Time-Energy Accounting, and allocates to each human being an equal baseline amount.

It measures relative commitment on a scale of 1 to 7 as a proxy for human Time, Energy, and Attention (TEA).

It also linguistically and technically relates to the Time, Energy, and Attention (TEA) that accomplishes the Work represented by the Network of Commitments, the Progressive Realization of which produces Throughput of The Goal.

The key to UBI is ensuring that as a Community we are Progressing towards our Goals and Objectives.

If someone is "contributing a lot", but not actually advancing the Goals and Objectives, it is actually Waste that hinders the ability of the Lionsberg System to produce Throughput of The Goal.

It would technically, economically and environmentally be far wiser to pay such "contributors" to cease.

Level Of Commitment is a qualitative and human negotiation between each individual and the Groups they participate in.

It is anticipated that the combination of Time-Energy Accounting, AI, Robotics, and the conversion of our High Science Technology FROM Weaponry TO Livingry will render the notion of "money" obsolete.

We will soon discover that We Are All Billionaires.