4. Our Highest Duty to One, All, Wisdom, and Truth

This New Vision, Strategy, and Plan is submitted as a humble offering in service of One and All. As illuminated in The Story of the Builder, we Know that it contains gaps, insufficiencies, and errors which will need to be remediated by unique gifts, talents, and experiences of those who join togethers as Lionsberg Co-Creators.

In the Lionsberg System, Every Defect Is A Gift. It would be a great relief if you could find and remedy as many errors and insufficiencies as possible. Like Gold Refined Seven Times, eventually the Dross will be burned off and only that which approaches Wisdom and Truth in the eyes of One and All will remain.

Our Collective Mission is to Progressively Realize the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth and usher in the New Era, understanding that we, our planet, and our growing federation will always be a Work In Progress.

We are here in service of One and All, and committed to Navigate towards Wisdom and Truth, no matter where they lead.