14. Patterns of Success, and a Pattern Language of Success

The successful and proper co-operating of the human species aboard Worksite Earth in service of eternally regenerative Universe requires a shift in our Way, or Pattern, of Being.

A shift in The Way We Do Things Around Here as a Human Species aboard Earth.

A Way of Being that remains consistent and modulates itself across Space and Time is perhaps best conceptualized as a set of Domain Independent Patterns, unified by a Central Animating Spirit.

Sets of Domain Independent Patterns are most coherently integrated and composed via a Pattern Language.

In this case, we are searching for the most Timeless and Universal Domain Independent Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, families, communities, and ecosystems to succeed and flourish in harmony across the Largest Conceivable Expanse of Time and Space.

These Patterns of Success / Patterns of Life would be contrasted with their Antitheses, which we could term Patterns of Failure / Patterns of Death - the most Timeless and Universal Domain Independent Anti-Wisdom, Anti-Principles, and Anti-Values that cause unnecessary pain, suffering, corruption, injustice, and death.