Act As If

Acting As If... is akin to running an experiment to test whether a hypothesis is True.

In the Lionsberg System, the fundamental condition that is assumed is that We Do Not Know, and we are on an eternal Quest to search out Wisdom and Truth together.

This is akin to the Scientific Method, in which our Current Best Understanding is presented in the form of a Hypothesis for testing, disproving, and improving over time.

In this Way, over time and space, our Current Best Understanding conforms itself closer and closer to Truth and Reality as they actually are.

This is opposed to fundamentalist / dogmatic religion or ideology, which demands that we subordinate our spiritual and intellectual will and understanding to a set of "final" / "concretized" propositions or beliefs articulated in the past by a set of Authorities.

In the context of eternal humility and Not Knowing, we can freely strive to relate ever more closely to Truth, Reality, and Source as they actually are.

Despite the fact that We Do Not Know, we are forced to grapple with How We Ought To Be and Do in the world, and Why.

This forces us to articulate a Philosophy and a Narrative Framework in which to exist, and to discover what happens if we Act As If it were True.

Experimentation / Embodiment: There is a certain class of things, which we will never know whether they are True, unless we attempt to Enact and Embody them to see if they work.

Games, Rules, Laws: There is another class of things, such as the rules of a game, that can be our Reality if we choose to Act As If it were so with those around us.

Universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values: There is another class of things, such as widely validated wisdom, principles, and values tested and verified across multiple sacred traditions over thousands of years, that we ignore to our peril.

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