7.26 Microbiome

Although we often think of the smallest unit of life as a Cell, there is an entire underlying structure and system of Life that sits above the atomic level and below the cellular level.

This is often called the Microbiome. The microbiome can best be imagined as a globally interconnected ecosystem of Field of invisible Life that permeates, sustains, and sometimes destroys All other higher order forms of Life.

Among the simplest structures of the microbiome are viruses, in aggregate called the virome.

Each Virus is individually made up simply of a core of nucleic acid, and a protective protein coat.

Already at this simplest level, long considered to be a grey zone between living and non-loving, we see signs of individual and collective Intelligence. Viruses appear to display something akin to Hive Intelligence as they battle their hosts. This Hive Intelligence extends to relatively high levels of analysis, such as being able to collectively determine which cells in the host are already infected, and which are not, and displaying the ability to navigate around previously infected cells to focus energy on previously uninfected cells.

Viruses are so simple that scientists have debated whether they even alive, and yet they possess problem solving abilities, do unexpected things, and Act As If they had Intelligence.

Viruses are one of many examples of phenomena that Act As If there is a Deeper Intelligence inherent in their nature, or in Nature / Living System more generally, that animates, directs, or drives them in some way.

Also within the microbiome are the mycorrhizal fungi networks that operate symbiotically with the vast majority of plants on earth, enabling communication and nutrient exchange throughout an ecosystem.

Long known to behave with Intelligence by indigenous cultures, plants and trees are now being revealed to behave with incredible sophistication and communication.

Classical cellular / carbon life as we think of it could not exist or function without the microbiome.

The neglect of the microbiome in the analysis and relationship of Life has led to suffering for billions of people. Humanity is only just beginning to awaken and understand this.

If we want to heal and regenerate the earth, we must rediscover the Foundation and work our way up, healing, elevating, and transforming each layer that builds up to the possibility of higher order systems of life.

It is incredibly foolish and ineffective to try to heal a human or any other form of Life from the outside in except in the most extreme cases of emergency and trauma.

If the Energy and Microbiome within and around a Form of Life are healthy, everything else will come into Proper Order through the Regenerative powers inherent in the Universe and Its Source.

It bears repeating, over and over again: designing and building the New World, and healing all the trauma and sickness of the Old, will require that we learn to work with, care for, and cultivate the Invisible aspects of the Creative Field directly, so that we are liberated from the very limited potentials we perceive through our Spacetime User Interface.

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