9.5 A Higher Way And Authority

Few issues are more germane to the heroic Quest towards our Destiny than the issue of Authority.

This is because the hero must rediscover their true Identity and Sovereignty, which empowers them to Break The Rules in order to do what the Wise Right Thing.

The hero Break The Rules of Society in order to do what is right, and acts as if this liberty is an obvious birthright, because it is.

The hero Acts As If they sincerely believed they were a child of the eternal King, and therefore prior to every temporal human law of Authority in whatever Time or Space they happen to find themselves Thrown into.

And yet the hero does not abolish the human law, but reminds and calls humanity up towards a Higher and More Perfect Law, a Higher and More Perfect Way, and a Higher and More Perfect Authority than could ever be articulated or embodied in human writing or in human institution.

What is the Source of this Authority?

And why is it so confusing and confounding to temporal watchers and temporal authorities?

The Authority of the hero flows directly from the Meta Authority of the Universe and is therefore transcendent of and higher than every temporal authority on earth.

The Source of Being and Authority are One.

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