2.5 The Vantage Point Of Humans

"To start to understand objective [Reality], we have to start by understanding the vantage point from which we are trying to observe it.

Human beings occupy a strange and unique place in the Meta Order of the Living System.

While the world to us appears very vivid and real, with its sights, sounds, colors, tastes, and smells, the construct synthesized and fabricated by our minds as reality is a faint and dull representation of a tiny fraction of all that objectively is.

For all its lack of concordance with Reality as it actually is, in comparison to the words and models we can articulate it is actually quite vivid.

When we attempt to express our Mental Model of Reality into words, models, or mathematics, it loses another dramatic order of information and fidelity.

We will explore this in more detail, however for now understand that the Spacetime User Interface you perceive the world through is not built for accuracy - it is built for usefulness.

There is simultaneously both far more and greater things than you can perceive, and far smaller and lesser things than you can perceive.

What you perceive from your vantage point is a monumental oversimplification, calibrated to the level of usefulness according to your size and scale.

As a rule of thumb, consider that what you are perceiving is far less than 1% of what actually is.

We perceive almost nothing. We unconsciously ignore or are blind and deaf to almost everything.

Remember this. It will be a key to your survival and success on this Quest.

When you interact with something, whether it is a cup of water or a handful of dirt, assume there is an entire insivisble living universe of Energy and Life within it that is invisible to you. And assume that entire invisible living universe of Energy and Life contained in the palm of your hand is connected to an entire invisible living universe in which you are far smaller than one of the microscopic organisms in your hand.

This is one of those key areas that we recommend that, until you truly understand, you Act As If it were True.

Being nearly blind and deaf in a universe that is for all intents and purposes infinite, we must decide towards what we will focus our tiny ability to Perceive. We must decide where to focus our attention. We must decide what to Attend to. We must decide What Matters and Why.

This is our first moral decision.

However before we discuss What Matters, let’s briefly revisit and dispense with the notion of SpaceTime and our Narrative Framework as objective."

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