2.4 Perception Is Not Reality

"In order to begin to apprehend and comprehend the Nature of the Living System in which we find ourselves, we must first learn to accurately differentiate between our Perception and Reality.

There is an Old saying bantered around in the Caves that “Perception is reality”.

While it is psychologically true that for the Observer chained in the Cave the tiny fraction of 1% of the universe we actually perceive feels like our reality…

…it is also True that there is another 99.999….% of objective Reality beyond our Perception that we are either incapable of seeing or are ignoring.

Critically, we must understand that what we Do Not Perceive and Do Not Know makes up approximately All of the universe, and what we Do Perceive and Do Know makes up approximately none of the universe.

Therefore what we Do Not Perceive and Do Not Know is far more important, interesting, and relevant than what we Do Know and Perceive.

Wise Right Perception is therefore first rooted in Humility and Right Relationship to the Absolute and the Unknown."

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