2.6 The Illusion of Spacetime

"We mentioned that the first thing to know is that what you are currently perceiving is not Reality as such. It is a very low resolution and oversimplified image approximating Reality at a level of analysis that is approximately useful.

The SpaceTime that you feel like you dwell in is an illusion of sorts.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of liberating yourself from the constraints and illusion of SpaceTime.

SpaceTime is not fundamental. It is not objective. It is not Reality. And it is not objectively how Reality "works".

Back inside the Boundary, 99% of scientists are still modeling their theories and formulating their hypotheses as if SpaceTime was a fundamental objective reality within which our world manifests itself.

It is not so at all.

The SpaceTime that you Perceive is much better thought of as a simplified User Interface that allows your Consciousness to interact with Reality in all its infinite complexity.

SpaceTime is a purely a product of our individual perception.

Out of the infinite array of actual Reality, it simplifies things into shapes and sizes of things that we can interact with.

While this simplification is useful and necessary, it is critical to understand that when you pick up a “cup” and drink “water”, the “cup” is not ultimately a “cup”, and the “water” is not ultimately “water”.

Those are simple outer forms we perceive and name.

Each has a much deeper energetic nature.

This Spacetime User Interface allows our Consciousness to Perceive and Interact, through an embodied form, with a simplified representation of the ultimate underlying Reality."

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