2.7 The Narrative Lens

"Now vaguely understanding that our Spacetime User Interface shows us only a very simplified overlay of Reality, let us move on to the second layer of our lens.

The second layer of our lens is the Narrative Framework that shapes what, out of the near infinite number of things in Reality we could pay Attention to, we actually Perceive.

Have you ever wondered how two people could possibly exist in the same “time and place” and perceive the world so differently?

This is because both their Spacetime User Interface and their Narrative Lens are unique. This causes them to actually and truly Perceive a different subset of the ultimate underlying Reality they are both emanating from and interacting with.

We all have a story.

We all exist inside a story.

Our Narrative Structures are the way that we make sense of, Perceive, and exist in the world. They order our Consciousness and contextualize Who We Are, Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why it matters.

Yet many times these stories are unconscious and unexamined. The stories that we operate in, and that operate us, are unique to us. They are like a fingerprint, shaped by our unique being, our indoctrination, and the experiences we have navigated through.

How many people back inside the Caves within the Boundary do you think understand that they are in the darkness, being operated by a subconscious story that they did not Consciously choose and cannot Consciously perceive?

No wonder it is a cacophony!

It is as if they are imprisoned in a false reality by their own Minds.

If we are going to have a chance of Succeeding, and avoiding Failure, we are going to have to draw our stories up into the Light of our Consciousness and examine them and fine tune them so that they accord as closely as possible with the Truth and Wisdom of Reality as it actually is."

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