What is the affect of soaring to such heights, and encountering the One?

What is the affect of discovering the Reality of Its Presence within us?

When we experience the awe, wonder, and potential that accompanies Being in the presence of the One, we soon thereafter encounter a second shocking Reality, which is the Reality of pain, suffering, and the inadequacy and who we currently are, and how our world currently is.

When we encounter the One, and discover the Potential of What Could Be, and we analyze our present Reality, we inevitably Realize that who we currently are and where we currently are is entirely unsuitable for Who We Are Becoming and Where We Are Going.

The One, the Ultimate, the Ideal is also a Judge. It is also an Absolute Standard.

It is the Standard that weighs and measures All.

Our present Reality stands in stark contrast to our present Possibility.

This is why we speak and Act As If it “is a shame” when someone fails to live up to their Potential.

This is why we speak and Act As If unrealized Potential is a “waste”.

This is why we encourage our children to discover and become the fullness of who they are uniquely created to be.

In addition to the upward calling and experience of the Divine, it is also our encounter with the Reality of pain and suffering that compels us to search for greater Life, Light, Love, and Meaning.

Potently emergent from the womb of the universe, we collide with a chaotic, disorienting, and uncomfortable Reality.

We must make sense of this Reality. We must understand Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why.

And then we must rise up, set our feet on the path, and embark on the epic Quest to voluntarily confront and overcome the Chaos, forge the New Order ]which is Good, and thereby become who we are destined to Be.

We must learn how to move together. Beyond our pain and suffering, and towards the highest Goal / Aim / Ideal. We must shoulder our burden and climb the Sacred Mountain. Ever up, higher and higher, towards the place where fully enlightening consciousness dwells.

We must climb ever upward, away from Old and towards the New.

Out of Slavery and into Liberty.

Towards the Fully Enlightening Collective Consciousness that Continually Co-Creates and Improves its Abode.

This is the Way towards flourishing and Abundant Life and Liberty for All.

This is the Way of being in continuously improving Right Relationship with One, One Another, and All.

Harmonized with the universal natural and spiritual Logos and Law. Rightly Related to the universal Principles. To the Divine Logic. To the One.

It is a process of transforming and being transformed. It is a movement away from suffering and darkness, and towards life and light. It is a movement away from the disintegration and separation of the Old, and towards coherent integrity and wholeness of the New.

It is the path we travel towards Destiny.

It is the Way towards the Goal.

It is the universal Quest towards the Highest Aim. The Highest Intention. The Greatest Good.

Or even more precisely, towards That Which Lies Beyond The Highest Intention And Greatest Good Of Which We Can Presently Conceive, for the further we travel along the Way, the greater the Divine Light will illuminate our Consciousness, the more we will be able to Perceive, and the more we will Understand that we can only experience but never grasp the fullness of What Is Possible.

The closer we get to the Source, the more Its Light will illuminate our Way, and the greater our ability will become to Realize Its ultimate Goodness.

What is this One that illuminates our Souls?

Yes – that is the right question. That is the right Way. Follow that Golden Thread.

It will lead you to the One, Who will envelop you in Its Love.

Who will envelop you in Its Self.

Who will envelop you in Its Quest.

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