If the Source of Consciousness, Being, and Life were somewhere “out there”, it would be an understandable pity if you failed to find It and Reunite your Self to It.

However if the Spirit of the Source of Consciousness and Being were alive within you, Co-Creating you, sustaining you, enlightening you, beckoning you ever deeper and closer towards It, it would be an absolute travesty to lay down your mortal body having frittered away the Time and Energy you were given to Realize and Experience the Divine ecstasy of relationship with the One.

It Is. We Are. I Am.

It is not only “out there”. Yes It is “out there”. Co-Creating and sustaining the Cosmos and every hair on every head, every leaf on every tree, and every feather on every bird.

Yet It is also within you. The Spirit of It, the Essence of It, the Function of It, the Working of It, the Nature of It, the Power of It, the Light of It, the Manifestation of It, the Mind of It, the Potential of It...

All living and present within you. Longing to Realize Itself to you. Longing to Reconcile you unto Itself. Longing to express Itself through you. Longing for you to become a transformational conduit of It. Longing for you to become a Conscious Agent of It.

Therefore as It is Sacred, you are Sacred.

It is Sacred. It is within you. You are Sacred.

You are blessed.

You are worthy.

You are Loved.

It’s location is within and without. Immanent, and transcendent.

Within, and Beyond.

Permeating and sustaining and ordering All Things.

Including those Conscious Agents who are free to consciously choose whether to be Ordered unto It.

Enthusing you.

Inspiring you.

Conspiring you.

Creating you.

Revealing you.

Sustaining you.

Emerging you.

Calling you.

Respiring you.

Transforming you.

What is It? What is Its nature? What is Its Intention? What is Its Goal? What is Its Way?

That is the Divine Mystery. The moment it ceases to be a Mystery, it ceases to be the Ultimate Reality through Whom the universe is manifesting Itself to you, and you to It.

It is (something like) a Spirit.

It is (something like) Love.

It is (Something like) a Personality.

It is (something like) Being.

It is a Mystery.

It Is, therefore We Are.

The Ultimate Reality and Supreme Consciousness cannot be reduced to semantic propositions.

It can only be Known and Experienced in the Way of Knowing and Experiencing that is beyond propositional, articulated, form.

Surely after thousands of years our Consciousness has developed enough to where we can have a more honest discussion about the true nature of That Which Creates and Sustains All Life and Consciousness.

Or will we still be stoned as a heretic for having the freedom, authority, and mandate to shatter the false images and Idols?

When we Know and Rightly Relate to the One, One Another, and All, we will be together in the paradise that is indeed already here and longing to reveal itself and make itself Known through us.

Perhaps its Quest is to make itself Known.

Perhaps its Quest is to Realize Itself.

Perhaps if we Knew It, we could Be with It forever in a dwelling place suitable for enlightening consciousness to dwell.

That which we approach as we progress in the Way is exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we could presently ask or imagine.

To the Know the Way towards the One, one must live It and experience It.

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