One step above the unified Field we begin to be able to perceive discrete Quanta rising into discernible Form.

This "arising into Form" can be conceptualized in terms of parts / particles / Quanta coalescing into Form...

...or as temporal excitations of a continuously transforming underlying Whole.

These Quanta traditionally have been thought of from the top down as subcomponents of something larger. This would lead us to call them for instance “subatomic particles”. It also leads to the danger that we continue to identify “elementary” or “fundamental” particles, only to discover that we only believed them to be fundamental at the time because of our limited ability to Perceive.

A far more empowering and likely accurate way is to view all discernible matter, at any scale, as excitations of the underlying Field, whose Energy has associated into various levels of discernible / coherent form according to the Logos of the Universe.

Thinking should always start with and return to One, or we will never be able understand the Reality flowing from It, or Perceive what is possible.

What we (used to) think of as “fundamental” subatomic particles are generally “matter particles” and “antimatter particles” (for instance quarks and anti-quarks, leptons and anti-leptons), and “force particles” (bosons - exitations of the weak gauge field(s), and gluons - exitations of the strong gauge field(s)).

Force Particles appear to mediate the interactions among matter and antimatter particles.

Associative and Dissociative Energy, coalescing into matter and anti-matter, mediated by a Force is a good working conceptualization.

Our hypothesis is that it should be thought of a Meta System… that is a single highest order system composed of an infinitely nested, overlapping, and interacting systems of systems.

Systems from top to bottom, always arriving back at One at the as-yet-to-be-perceived limits.

These particles were considered (at the time) to be elemental when observed from the top down view because they possess no discernible sub-structure.

They sit right at the limit our our ability to measure, and can behave as either particles or waves depending on when and how they are measured.

Elementary forms have a very reliable history of dissolving into greater levels of resolution as our science, technology, and consciousness evolves.

Some generation may one day finally reach the end of the Mystery, however Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems and other similar logic, coupled with millennia of spiritual experience, would lead us to Understand that at any given time, what We Do Not Know is far greater than what we Know. Our Knowledge at any given time only scratches the surface of all that Is and Could Be.

At best, every breakthrough we make simply extends the light of our collective campfire of human Knowledge out into the infinite darkness a little further.

Atomos, from which Atom is derived, means “unable to be cut” in Greek.


Science is increasingly confirming the Wisdom that the fundamental nature of our universe is more accurately and wisely interacted with as Energy and Consciousness than Form.

The importance of how this informs the way we exist and operate as a species in and upon ourselves and the world around us cannot be overstated.

The following video from CERN, the European Organization For Nuclear Research, gives a stunning view of just what we have been discussing, zooming in from the level of a human being, into a human hair, and all the way down to over-simplified level of two up Quarks and one down Quark as the fundamental components of Proton.

!Cern Voyage Into The World of Atoms.mp4

However even this stops far short of the Reality.

Scientists subsequently discovered that two up quarks and one down quark account for only about 1% of the mass of a proton.

This led to the understanding that one step Deeper quarks are actually arise from gluons (exitations of the strong field), and that as collisions were performed at higher and higher levels of energy, the quarks that were being perceived would actually dissolve into what would appear as pulsating cloud of gluons (bottom right image below).

an image with no alt text (Visualization Credit: Quanta Magazine)

This takes us right to the limit of the highest resolution scientific understanding as of 2022.

Our hypothesis is that what continues to happen is that each time we gain a more powerful way to Perceive what is happening at higher levels of resolution, every discrete unit or category that we perceived at lower levels of resolution melts away, and that what we are ultimately witnessing as discrete Forms are actually exitations of a unified underlying Creative Field animated into continuously transforming Forms by the Information ordered in the Logos of the Universe.

One step Deeper that the Creative Field and the Logos that instructs it how to manifest into Form is the Deepest Thing - the One Source / Ultimate Reality / Uncaused Cause / Meta Creative Consciousness from which All is Flowing.

If we imagine the image of a human being that the video started with, and then imagine the pulsating white cloud of Energy we ended with, we can begin to see that from a very practical standpoint, the most practical and Wise Way to interact with any phenomena or manifestation we Perceive is to Act As If it were not really what we Perceive, but rather a Continuously Transforming mass of Associative Energy coalesced into its present and temporary Form according to the Logos of the Universe.

This Understanding dramatically alters our Perception of both What Is, and What Could Be / What Is Possible.

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